The Lost City and 9 Other Great Action Movies of Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is back with another blockbuster titled The Lost City this year. The actor has been in Hollywood for quite a long time and has given us a variety of projects to become aware of her acting prowess. She has managed to give some of the greatest action films featuring magnificent performances from her. These iconic movies have given us some of the most memorable moments in cinema history. According to IMDB, the actress has actually managed to feature in a variety of action movies that range from science fiction to heist films. Let’s take a look at some of the best action movies of Sandra Bullock:

The Lost City (2022)

Action movies of Sandra Bullock

The latest from Sandra Bullock has definitely made the best of her action films. This movie features her paired up with action and comedy star Channing Tatum who ends up giving some interesting addition to the chemistry between the duo. There are a lot of hilarious dialogues and action sequences which allows for an awesome cameo halfway through the movie. Even though the movie has some problems when it comes to the details the cast makes up for it with a fun plot. The movie features the talents of Daniel Radcliffe too with a rather interesting appearance from Brad Pitt.


Demolition Man (1993)

Sylvester Stallone is the lead in this sci-fi action movie with an interesting take on the genre with a unique narrative. Stallone’s character John Spartan is a police officer who was cryogenically frozen back in 1996 and then reawakened in 2032. He is tasked with taking down the crime lord Simon Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes, and in order to do that, he is paired up with Bullock’s character Lieutenant Lenina Huxley. This movie came out at a time when the actor wasn’t really known and yet she manages to prove a worthy partner to Stallone’s character. Even though the movie relies heavily on some classic action tropes it does end up being quite an entertaining watch.


Gravity (2013)

Most of the movies listed here are quite different from this entry from Alfonse Cuaron. The movie is still considered amongst the best pieces of cinema that have ever existed in the sci-fi genre as we see Bullock’s Ryan Stone getting stranded in space. There are a lot of emotional moments along with scenes where things on screen might make the audience feel a bit sick as there is a certain suffocating tone to it. The movie has some breathtaking visual moments with the stars actually delivering a performance that will continue to be considered among the best that was recognized by the Academy.


Miss Congeniality (2000)

This is definitely the most awesome romantic comedy from the actor as it manages a balance between the major genres. The movie sees Gracie Hart as an FBI agent who is tasked with stopping a terrorist plot in the midst of an ongoing beauty pageant. Over the narrative of the movie, we end up discovering that Gracie is trying to take down the bad guys as she also ends up competing for the prize. There is a lot of humor in the narrative over Gracie Hart trying to fit into the requirements of winning the beauty pageant. This actually makes her character a rather interesting protagonist who ends up being quite relatable at times.


Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005)

Fans of Sandra Bullock will agree that her character as Gracie Hart is one of the most iconic. The movie heavily invests in the success of the first entry and how much it managed to make Bullock’s character a success. While the last movie saw her dealing with the case along with two other men, this time around we see her being paired up with Regina King’s Sam in order to infiltrate another beauty pageant. The movie is quite a massive low considering the narrative ended up proving that it was quite an unnecessary entry. But the one redeemable thing about it has to be the dedication from Bullock to her character.


Ocean’s 8 (2018)

There was a period when a lot of narratives and franchises that had men as protagonists were being given a female interpretation. This saw a lot of interesting movies most of which didn’t manage to live up to the original entries. But the one that actually ended up being a bit more successful than the most was the Ocean’s interpretation with a completely female cast. Bullock takes the lead as Debbie Ocean, sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean from the original movies. The movie features a variety of actors taking on a sophisticated heist at the Met Gala and ends up serving some memorable moments.


Speed (1994)

There was a time when Speed was considered to be the best in action that Hollywood has to offer. The movie still manages to live up to its value and is actually one of the best action films featuring a pair of then lesser-known stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. This duo manages to keep the audience on their toes as we try to see the bus and the passengers survive before being exploded into pieces. It is this movie that managed to put the names of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves amongst the best of Hollywood and the movie also ended up getting a sequel by the same director making it one of the best action movies by Sandra Bullock.


Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)

Even though Keanu Reeves backed out from the franchise, Sandra Bullock reprised her role for the sequel. Since Keanu was absent we got to witness Jason Patric take on the role of Alex. The movie depends massively on the first entry in the franchise and thus the plot is quite similar. But this time around the duo of Annie and Alex are in a cruise ship that is hijacked and it is up to them to stop it from crashing into an oil tanker. The director returned for this entry and it is clearly a terrible blow for the narrative as the movie fails to capture the audience the way the original entry managed to do.


The Heat (2013)

Sandra Bullock ended up having a rather successful return to the comedy-action genre with this Paul Feig venture. We see her teamed up with Melissa McCarthy and the duo ends up giving us some of the best comedic moments we could expect to see. The story focuses on an FBI agent and a police detective teamed together in order to weed out an unknown mobster in Boston. One of the best things that fill the plot has to be the fact that both of the lead characters have strikingly opposite personalities but have a similar way to deal with the criminals. This makes for an entertaining watch that will definitely be considered amongst the best of her works.


The Net (1995)

There was a period of movies that saw a lot of interesting narratives based on the Internet being made. These movies actually prove to stick to those norms and don’t actually provide anything particularly original for the fans. The movie sees Bullock as Angela Benner, a computer engineer who receives a mysterious disc. Somehow all her colleagues start dying and Angela has to fight for her life while trying to discover the conspiracy behind the disc. It becomes more of a thriller as we see her fleeing for survival and she even manages to fight her pursuers as an absolute surprise. The actor proves her worth in the role and it ends up helping a lot with the movie.

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