Sony Announces Solo Movie For Two More MAJOR Spider-Man Villains

Spider-Man may be entering the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that does not mean that he is bringing every character from his extended universe. Sony studios may have etched a deal for Spider-Man but they have not fully focused their attentions on the webbed slinger. Earlier in the week, the studio announced that it will be following through with the solo movie of spider-Man villain Venom. The news came, as a shocking move but not entirely surprising since sony had previously planned for it but stalled the project due to the failure of the Amazing Spider-Man movies.But Venom was not the only character to get a standalone movie.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that two other Spider-Man characters are also given a solo movie. Fan favorites Black Cat and Silver sable are the two characters to land a standalone behind Venom. The site also reports that none of the three movies have any ties to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Shortly after the report came out, writer Borys Kit tweeted the same sentiment.


Black Cat is Marvel comics version of Catwoman, who enjoys a flirtatious relationship with Spider-Man and is known to be an accomplished cat burglar. But the similarities between Catwoman and Black Cat end there, since the character has a different. Raped while in Empire State University, Felicia Hardy was out for revenge on her rapist. She trained in combat and acrobatics, but ironically her rapist died in a car accident. She continued to pursue a life of crime just like her famous cat burglar father, taking on the name Black Cat.

Silver Sable is a lesser known villain in the Spider-Man world. A mercenary who lead superhuman teams which included SpiderMan villain Sandman. Her mercenary career is the main source of income for the small Eastern European nation of Symkaria – Silver Sable’s homeland. Both characters have been allies to Spiderman on various occasions.

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