New Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Brings Billy and Tommy Back to Wanda

We are less than a month away from the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There is a lot of hype for the movie as there’s no clarity regarding the plot for the movie. MCU’s previous entry, Spider-Man: No Way Home featured some version of the multiversal chaos and it would be interesting to see how Doctor Strange works on that. Based on the trailers and promos so far, fans have become aware that the movie is going to take things to a whole new level. One of the biggest theories regarding the movie was Wanda’s arc in it. The latest trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features Billy and Tommy from WandaVision.

Multiverse of Madness

There have been numerous rumours regarding the upcoming entry to the MCU. The movie is supposed to feature a lot of the elements of the Multiverse while at the same time introducing new characters. But the movie is also set to make some references to the Disney+ shows that we got to see last year. There have been various rumours regarding the potential connections that the movie will have with the first Disney+ Marvel Studios series WandaVision. We did manage to see a few characters from the animated series What If…? make it to the movie.


WandaVision is one of the most essential events in the MCU since it established Wanda’s position in the franchise. Over the years, the character has undergone some major events that she hardly managed to respond to. She earned the mantle of Scarlet Witch after realizing the full potential of her powers around the end of the series. But the series didn’t end right there since fans had started to consider that she might be the villain that Strange might have to face in the movie. The very final moment of the series shows Wanda studying the Darkhold and she suddenly hears the voice of the twins.


Return of The Twins

Marvel Entertainment released a whole new trailer for Doctor Strange 2 yesterday and it features a whole lot of new footage from the movie. This footage includes the return of Tommy and Billy Maximoff who were last seen in WandaVision. There had been rumours about the twins played by Jett Klyne and Julian Hilliard returning for the project. Residents of Somerset had reported that the actors had filmed their scenes for the movie at Burrow Hill Cider Farm. The promo shows Wanda approaching her kids and being quite relieved about uniting with them. But the footage transitions to the Scarlet Witch persona as the twins disappear.


Billy and Tommy

This actually goes to show that her turning to the dark side might be a means of reuniting with her twins. The promo also features the duel between MCU’s Doctor Strange and Sinister Strange with the latter sporting a third eye on his forehead. We also get a closer look at Zombie Strange who appears to be absolutely eerie in the promo. Based on the dialogue in the promo, Wanda might be getting bombarded by nightmares that involve her twins. Fans have theorized that this could be because of the Darkhold or this could actually be the first hint at the presence of Doctor Strange’s villain, Nightmare.


Even though there haven’t been any past references to Nightmare, it won’t be surprising to see the character as the movie’s primary antagonist. This promo even featured a moment where we saw Scarlet Witch, Wong, America Chavez, and Strange teaming up. That could be against Nightmare, who might be manipulating everyone’s dreams throughout the movie. On the other hand, these could just be visions that Wanda might have because of the multiverse to seek her alternate reality where she could be with the twins. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theatres worldwide on May 6.


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