Arrow: Black Canary Returns With A Vengeance In ‘The Devil’s Greatest Trick’ Trailer

Arrow is finally on the right tracks. After a sluggish Season 6 premiere, the midseason break of Arrow finally has some promising thrills to keep us entertained. Arrow is back to its old action-packed, a no-nonsense choreography of chaos as it used to be in the previous season. Cayden James is as bland as a supervillain could get but at least he can’t be blamed for lack of trying. Cayden may look and sound like a nerdy crybaby but he has done more damage to Team Arrow with only 12 episodes that Ra’s Al Ghul couldn’t do in an entire season. Laurel’s death in Season 4 was just the beginning. Prometheus did what he could but Team Arrow still remained intact, even though Prometheus gave up his life in the process. It looked like Team Arrow was indeed invincible.

That was until Cayden James happened. He single-handedly made the team realize one simple truth. A truth that had been lacking throughout the entire Sixth season of Arrow – They are only human. The concept of Death does not escape them. Team Arrow learned it the hard way when one of their own accomplices died while trying to help them. Death has been given a whole new meaning in Arrow Season 6 Episode 12 ‘All for nothing.

Spoiler: For those who haven’t watched the latest Episode. Be gone!!!!!

Vincent Sobel aka Vigilante is dead. Vincent is Dinah Drake’s ex-lover and former partner during the time she used to be an undercover cop. Vincent and Dinah were both hit by the particle accelerator explosion at the same moment Sobel was shot in the head at point-blank range. Dinah got a supersonic scream while Sobel was gifted with DC’s equivalent of Wolverine’ superhuman healing abilities. Vincent then came back to Star City to exact retribution on all those he deemed to have wronged the city but he took a lethal approach to justice, something that did not bode well with a then pacifistic Green Arrow.

Sobel then joined the Cabal in the pretense of taking down Oliver Queen but his real plan was to make the Cabal crumble from the inside. He approached Team Arrow for help and volunteered to infiltrate Cayden James’ servers manually to derive necessary data back to the team. He almost succeeded. While the data did reach back to the good guys, Sobel was captured. Dinah, Rene, and Curtis rushed to him save Sobel but it was too little too late. With an explosion pinning down Dinah, she was forced to watch as the love of her life was killed by Black Siren (under the orders of Cayden James) for the second time. To say Dinah is angry would be an understatement.


The CW has released the trailer for Arrow’s next episode titled ‘The Devil’s Greatest Trick’. It will see Dinah make good of the promise she made to Oliver – she will kill the entire Cabal starting with Laurel Lance of Earth 2 aka Black Siren. Dinah is working hard on that promise as Cayden James is seen in the trailer threatening to detonate the dreaded thermobaric bomb in Star City at midnight. An explosion of that magnitude will kill thousands of people. But Dinah couldn’t care less. Vengeance has consumed her as she is out for blood. And she won’t stop until Black Siren is dead. Dinah now shares the same bloodlust that Vincent Sobel once had as the Vigilante and Oliver Queen as The Hood.

In the previous episode, it was Dinah’s single-mindedness that led to Vincent’s death in vain. Had she listened to Oliver Queen, at least the thermobaric bomb could have been safely retrieved? But both teams failed to achieve their missions – Dinah, Curtis, and Rene forgot to consider it being a trap while Oliver and Diggle were too undermanned to capture back the bomb. Vincent died but it was ‘All for nothing’.  Looks like Dinah still hasn’t learned her lesson. She is again looking things with a red lens and trying to hunt down the people who took Vincent from her. Will Rene and Curtis support Dinah’s decision this time as well? Or will they side with Ollie and Diggle on this one? Is a city home to millions worth sacrificing for a petty act of revenge? You decide.

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