10 Movies That Should Have Never Turned Into Franchises

Some spinoff movies manage to please a certain audience and gain success, and following this success, they turn themselves into a franchise. It surely works for some franchises like the Mission Impossible, James Bond, Fast and Furious, but for most of the movies, the franchises should not have even existed as the sequels did not work as well as the first movies did. Here is a list.

Final Destination

The Final Destination franchise is all about finding news was to kill people out of nowhere. Well, it is good as a horror thriller for one movie or maybe two movies, but stretching it up to 5 movies is a little extreme. Not only did they make 5 of these, they also made the 5th movie to be the prequel to the first one. Well, they tried to put a story in a franchise that doesn’t need to make any sense!


This entire franchise owes a great deal to the director of the first movie, Paul Verhoeven. It was because of his great work with the first one that this movie could become a franchise. He did not return for the sequels and we clearly saw the difference. The first one was a big satire and had a mean-spirit without the sign of humor. The second on the third lacked on all these fronts and the satire kept on being filtered and the funny thing is that one of the co-writers, Frank Miller said it himself.

The Terminator

The first Terminator movie did very well with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cybernetic organism. Gaining on the success of that, James Cameron came in with Judgement Day. That was the best movie of the entire franchise. Whatever sequels came after that bombed as the audience did not like them at all. So, it’s safe to say that the franchise should have stopped at 2. But, let’s see as Cameron coming back with 3 more movies and who knows, they might even turn out to be good.


The Predator franchise is one of the biggest examples of proving my point. Arnold Schwarzenegger was good in the first movie as he held the movie together throughout its runtime, but it should have never gone past the first movie as all the sequels have been nothing but bad. Predator 2, Alien vs Predator, Predators, you name it! And they are still not learning the lesson as this yeast we are going to see yet another Predator movie.


The first Saw was the only movie which had a good plot as the story kept unraveling with one twist after another. Then a trend of releasing sequels very quickly began and the quality of the plot kept deteriorating. By the time Saw 3D came, there was no plot left, but only a sense of the train wreck coming to an end.

Scary Movie

Scary Movie is a franchise full of cheap jokes. Each movie picks up some other movie and makes a parody out of it. The first movie actually tried to add more gags than any other sequels to follow, and still, it was not very impressive to see. So, someone should tell these people to stop making more of these and try something good and innovative as it is just not funny!

The Purge

“One night per year, the government sanctions a 12-hour period in which citizens can commit any crime they wish — including murder — without fear of punishment or imprisonment.” This one line is the only thing that is interesting in this entire franchise. Neither do the movies get a good rating nor is it good for people to watch such horrific killings, so why even bother making these in the first place.

I Spit on your grave

If you haven’t seen this movie, no need to worry as all you need to know is that a woman gets raped by 4 boys when she was young and she just finds different ways to kill these boys one by one like one is hung from a tree, another has his penis cut off and bleeds to death, and so on. This movie was actually protested in 1980 and even the remake did not do well in 2010. Still, in 2018, we are going to see a direct sequel to the one we saw in 1980 which is named I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà vu.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Now, don’t take me wrong, but Pirates of the Caribbean deserves to be on this list. The first movie back in 2003 was charming and did make quite a bit of money, which indeed promised a sequel. But, it kept going on as the movies kept investing big budgets into these in order to make more and more money. What happened was that the movies started lacking on the part of fun, heart, and soul as they were being bloated with action and special effects. By the time we’ve reached the 5th one, we can clearly see that the audiences are done with it as the earnings have also depleted.



It is a little harsh to add Transformers to this list since the original trilogy was pretty good even after people hating Shia LaBeouf in all these movies. Considering the money the first three made, it seemed a good idea to keep going. But how much can one take of these movies which are full of Michael Bay-ism? Yes, I am talking about the explosions, the clumsy action and women being there only to be treated as sex objects. And the funny thing is that Bay has 14 more of these planned for us. Stop, Please stop!

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