5 Ways MCU Could Change After Wanda’s Madness in Doctor Strange 2

The ending of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would completely change the MCU. Marvel has been going in all guns blazing while trying a bunch of new things in Phase 4. The Multiverse opened up. We got Eternals who brought a massive change to planet Earth. No Way Home cast a memory wiping spell for which we need several answers. But now, we’ve got Doctor Strange 2 coming in where Wanda could change the reality of MCU, and perhaps several other timelines. So, we’re going to see exactly how the MCU could be altered after Wanda’s madness in Doctor Strange 2.

Wanda’s madness in Doctor Strange 2.

Check out the plot leak above if you’re okay with spoilers. But in short, it states that what Wanda did in Westview could now happen on a Multiversal scale. So really, we should expect a lot of changes happing in the MCU. Just like the DCEU is getting a soft reboot, the MCU can sort of getting one too. Marvel could maybe hash out things that haven’t worked. But most importantly, they could introduce new elements that we’ve all wanted to see in the MCU. Marvel obviously can’t make the kind of drastic changes that will affect future films like Thor 4 or Black Panther 2. But they could certainly set up other movies and TV shows with the following changes:



We’ve all been wondering how mutants would come into play in the MCU. People suspected that maybe the snaps from Infinity War and Endgame caused energy surges that turned certain people into mutants. But that didn’t happen. Then, everyone set their eyes on Eternals to give us an answer. But there was no hint of Mutants there. Now that Professor X will make his presence felt in the multiverse, maybe the mutants could come through the multiverse. But the prevalent theory that’s running around the internet suggests that Wanda will pull off a reverse house of M moment.


She said “No More Mutants” in the comics and erased over 90% of their population. But maybe now her hex could actually make mutants exist throughout MCU’s timeline. This new change would allow Marvel to say that Mutants always existed in the MCU. Magneto could have his origins from the past. Wolverine could be added to Captain America’s World War II storyline. And several other changes could be made that would allow mutants to suddenly pop up in most of the upcoming MCU projects.



The Inhumans don’t exist in the MCU so far. Ms Marvel is an Inhuman, but she is getting a totally different origin story. So initially, it was safe to presume that Marvel doesn’t want to include the Inhumans ever. But multiple sources have stated that Black Bolt will be among the Multiversal Illuminati of Doctor Strange. So if Wanda could lead to the existence of mutants in the MCU, then why can’t she add Inhumans too? Marvel has rights to almost all of their characters now. So why not make the family whole? Black Bolt is a huge character and we’d love to see him in the MCU. Maybe Vin Diesel could finally get to play the part now. Up next, we believe that Wanda could lead to another major change.


Illuminati Replacing The Avengers

Recently in an interview, Kevin Feige stated that Avengers: Endgame was the “final Avengers film.” We always thought that a Secret Wars Avengers project is quite inevitable. But if Feige used those particular words, then maybe he’s got some different plan. What if that plan is the Illuminati? Being inspired by the multiversal Illuminati team, Doctor Strange could start his own MCU based Illuminati by recruiting the leaders of several factions. This alliance would actually be even bigger than the Avengers as the next leader of the Avengers would be a part of it. So, he could call his team at in anytime along with the other leaders who are a part of the group.


Their ultimate goal will be to prevent beings like Wanda from putting the universe, or perhaps the multiverse at risk again. Instead of just the Avengers, the entire Illuminati squad will be tasked to take on the next Multiversal threat, who is none other than Kang. Okay, these are the ideas that I strongly believe in. But I’ve got a couple of others that I want to throw around. I know that it’s highly unlikely for them to come true compared to the other three I’ve presented. But these are cool ideas that could be taken on.


Erasing Eternals

The MCU went all in while trying to bring Eternals into the mix. Through them, we got them set up for Celestials and if Eternals 2 happens, then we could even get a bit of backstory for Thanos. But Eternals is a project that has not worked for the MCU at all. The critics hated it even though it did not deserve all that loathing. It was a good movie but it wasn’t for everyone. Overall, it was an experiment that did not work as well as Marvel would have liked because it did not pull in any profits. In reality, the film was full of plot holes and some fans even complained that Eternals was boring!


So if Marvel wishes to, then they could actually write the Eternals out of the MCU completely by using Wanda. Or they could perhaps make the story of Eternals a part of another universe instead of the main MCU. But Kevin Feige usually trusts his plans even if they provide diminishing returns at the beginning. So maybe this idea won’t be used.


Make Netflix Marvel Shows Canon?

So far, everyone’s confused about how Marvel is handling the Netflix characters. Kingpin and Matt Murdock have shown up in the MCU. And Vincent D’Onofrio even hinted that he is continuing his character arc from the Marvel Netflix shows. But the problem over there is that a few actors from those shows have similar doppelgangers in the MCU. Mahershala Ali played Cottonmouth in Luke Cage. And now he is coming in as Blade. So to explain that it would have been better if Marvel were to keep the Netflix shows in a separate universe from MCU’s Multiverse. But now that those shows are leaving Netflix and coming to Disney+ for good, maybe Marvel could finally start referencing them. Maybe they could become canon to the MCU, thanks to Wanda’s reality-warping. I guess we’d see how Marvel handles that.


What do you think about these 5 ways MCU could change after Wanda’s madness in Doctor Strange 2? share your thoughts in the comments section.

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