4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Tony Stark’s Childhood

The playboy billionaire and the epitome of scientific intelligence, Tony Stark is one of the powerful and influential superheroes of the comic book and cinematic world. His cinematic appearance in 2008 had a great impact on the comic book fans and his real appearance fascinated the whole world. Whatever he does, he always wants to protect the world.

“Everything I’ve done, everything I’ll do today, everything I’ll ever do, I do to protect this world. Someone once told me that with great power comes great responsibility. That’s usually thought of as a lesson for children. A simple injunction to do the right thing. But there’s nothing simple about it. When I put on this armor, I took on more power than any human was ever intended to have… and maybe more responsibility than my heart can truly bear. But today… I will do my job. I will protect you. No matter what it takes…” says Stark.

Well, we know he is the most prominent member of Stark Industries after his dad’s death. So let’s get a ride of a few things that you don’t know about Tony Stark’s childhood.

 1. His biological parents are two agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Amanda Armstrong and Jude, the S.H.I.E.L.D agents, are the actual biological parents of the genius Tony Stark. Things began to fall for each other when Jude rescued Amanda from an assassin.

2. Tony Stark was left in an orphanage

When Jude tried to persuade Amanda to agree to receive the protection of Hydra, she fought with Jude and killed him. After that, she asked for serious assistance from S.H.I.E.L.D to take care of the baby. And the baby was taken to an orphanage in Sofia, Bulgaria.

3. Howard Stark adopted Tony Stark

One of the famous industrialist and Nick Fury’s associate Howard Stark adopted the baby and presented it to his wife Maria Stark. However, as the Tony grew up, the relations between Howard and him became quite bitter due to Howard’s drinking and abusing habit.

4. Arno Stark is the real son of Howard Stark

tony stark childhood

Maria Stark was suffering from a severe health anomaly during her pregnancy where the baby would not have survived, but with the help of an alien robot  Rigellian Recorder 451, the boys survived.

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