Logan’s Official Poster Has Been Revealed And It’s Awesome!

Wolverine’s final film has been a buzzed about among fans and media alike. The character was the longest running superhero in the X-Men franchise, with the same actor portraying the hero for all of the films. But with Hugh Jackman finally declaring that his retirement of the character was with Logan, fans have been rooting for the film to be a quality product that would send the actor off from the franchise.

logan-international-poster  The Logan team have been quite strategical with their promotions of the film. Pictures have been posted that often link with the major players for the film on the film’s  Instagram Wponx. Director James Mangold has also been a treasure trove for fans as he often posted some pivotal players in the film. Characters like Professor  X, Laura aka X-23 and Wolverine’s new images have all been revealed by the director.


The new international poster for Logan has finally been revealed and it is unlike any of the past Wolverine posters that we have seen before.  The poster showcases Wolverine running while holding the child Laura. The first teaser poster also featured Logan/Wolverine and Laura, while at that time, we were still unaware of X-23 or Laura being in the picture.


The new poster feels reminiscent of a thriller poster and not a superhero movie. Movies like the Jason Bourne movies come to mind, but Logan’s claws give the indication that it is indeed a superhero movie. The film itself has been described by director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman to be different from any of the past Wolverine films.


The first trailer gave an indication of how the movie will look like with the film setting being a barren land with sparse living beings to be seen. Logan has become a shell of the man he once was, drinking a little too much to ease the pain of his past war wounds. He has been slowly losing his ability to heal quickly. The trailer also features Professor X as a deteriorated man who has aged more than we have ever seen him. Both characters also look like they are on the run from, what we learn later, to be The Reavers.

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