Dwayne Johnson Talks About His First Ever ‘WWE Match’

Overcoming the early struggles was like a big mountain for Dwayne Johnson to pierce through until he stepped into the world of WWE championship. Daily chores of his life fomented troubles but then he stood up and proved how badass he is now. And the later story is easy to digest. The 44-year star has come up with a new Youtube series called The Rock Reacts, where he recalls his first ever WWE match and explains all his moments when he debuted.

wwe rock Dwayne Johnson

The Fast and the Furious actor talks about his first Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden, where his grandfather and father both had wrestled. Rocky Maivia was the named he had carried in the first two years of his wrestling career.

As the video switches to his debut entrance, Johnson says: “ Right now I am feeling. I am so hyped up..I am so excited and… I got a f*cking Chia Pet as a haircut”.

As he jumped over the top rope he pointed to the wrong camera showing his back. That was not supposed to happen! He says that he planned his entrance with a little swag that he would jump the top rope and point to the camera. Actually, he was supposed to point to the main camera but it slipped out of his mind and he pointed to the wrong one.

The eight-man match was a life-changing match for him and things turned over totally for Johnson after he defeated the last two contenders, Goldust and Crush.

“ 22,000 people can either go. Shit! He is gonna get his a** kicked” he said in the video. He said that the crowd at the stadium literally changed his life. Well, we can see Mr. Johnson.

No one can expect that it’s your first day and then you suddenly hear people chanting your name. This scene actually happened with Johnson. And for the rest of the secret check out the video.

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