10 Superheroes From Your Favorite Movies That Got FriendZoned

The Superheroes we are talking about can fly, stop bullets with their bare chest, bench-press a mountain and strike fear into the hearts of men. But nobody, and I mean Nobody can escape the one thing that has dogged this planet since the age of Man. You may have saved the world a thousand times over but if fate doesn’t will it, you will never escape the – the Friendzone.

Wolverine-Jean Grey

One of the most legendary unrequited love stories in the history of mankind, Wolverine trying to profess his love for Jean is like mixing oil with water. Logan has had feelings for the Host of the Phoenix Force ever since he laid eyes on her but her relationship with Cyclops stopped him from ever trying. When Jean died and came back from the dead, Cyclops had married and had a child. Wolverine had a chance then but decided to let it go for Jean’s happiness.

Batman-Black Canary

Robert Kanigher wrote a weird One Fill issue story arc. For some odd reason, every time Black Canary used her sonic scream, she could read people’s minds. Batman once was in the vicinity when Black Canary screamed and she realized that Batman had feelings for her. Black Canary and Green Arrow were a thing then so she just pushed Batman’s feelings aside by telling him that she saw Bruce as nothing but a brother to her.


When the X-Men and X-Factor merged, there were a huge number of mutant superheroes for a single team. So the team was divided into two – X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold. The Blue team got most of the better-known mutants like Rogue, Psylocke, Cyclops, and Gambit. In the following issues, Psylocke heavily flirted with X-Man Cyclops. She would knowingly wear swimsuits and lick her fingers in front of him. Cyclops successfully evaded the temptation and married the love of his life Jean Grey in X-Men #30.


The thing about Flash Zatanna romance is that we don’t really know what happened behind the scenes. When Barry Allen’s wife died in a tragic accident, Barry was left alone and grieving. Zatanna soon joined the JSA and helped alleviate some tension of Barry’s head. They regularly flirted but we don’t know what happened after that. The focus kept zooming out. Barry Allen though, married another woman sometime later.


Maxima was more of a stalker type than the unrequited love type. She was the ruler of her world that came to Earth in search of the strongest man he could find. Her objective was mating with him and creating super-babies to ensure the survival of her planet for another generation. She found her target in Superman who respectfully refused. Maxima then became a superhero herself to try and change Superman’s mind. She gave up her life trying to save the world from Imperiex.

Scarlet witch-Captain America

The earlier Marvel issues were weird and borderline crazy. They focused more on interpersonal relationships than fighting evil. In one such Avengers issue, three reformed villains join the team. Scarlet Witch, who is one among them, develops a huge crush on Steve Rogers. But she never confesses her feelings. Captain America then has a brief stint with a magical version of Scarlet Witch years later.

Hawk Eye-Scarlet Witch

The Avengers had recently welcomed three former supervillains into the team. QuickSilver had a massive superiority complex. Scarlet Witch was falling for Captain America and Hawkeye, in turn, was falling for Scarlet Witch. But at that time, Black Widow also joined the team and got back with Hawkeye. When that relationship broke down, Hawkeye decided to hit on Scarlet Witch but she was already with Vision by then.


Vision has always been the love interest of Scarlet Witch. They are the Romeo and Juliet of Marvel Comics. But in one issue, another superhero started having feelings for the Sentient Android. Mantis was a fellow Avenger that was new to the team, along with Swordsman. Both of them were a couple but for some odd reason. Mantis became started ogling Vision. That did not work out though. Mantis ended up marrying another alien that took the form of Swordsman after the original one died during one of their missions.

Wonder Woman-Batman

Batman and Wonder Woman has been quite the thing several times in the comic books. The movies have also portrayed Diana and Bruce secretly having feelings for each other. In one issue, Wonder Woman once decided to use a machine to look into the number of future possibilities if the two ended up together. None of them worked out as planned, so Diana and Bruce settled for ‘Just Friends’.

Black Widow-Captain America


It is downright creepy to have feelings for someone who is on his deathbed. That is exactly what happened during the Black Widow – Steve Rogers fiasco. The Super Soldier Serum inside Cap’s body that gave him all his physical attributes was the reason he was dying. As Cap went into a coma and slowly treaded to his demise, Black Widow started to look at Cap’s comatose husk with ever-increasing lust. Cap soon joined another team and Black Widow was ‘left to her own devices’.

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