10 Superhero Deaths of 2017 That Shook The Entire World

2017 gave us a lot of superhero movies. Logan, Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Justice League have enticed the moviegoers as amazing blockbusters that shook the box office to its very core. The comic book TV Shows made exciting waves among the comic fan base as well. But death is a concept that is too hard to ignore. As astonishing as they were, many Marvel and DC Characters, unfortunately, met their demise and were lost forever.

Professor X

Patrick Stewart played the role of Professor Charles Xavier for so long that it’s his face and not James McAvoy’s that comes to mind when we think of Professor X. In Logan, Professor X is in his nineties and suffers from a brain disease that makes his powers violently lash out. He is later killed off by X-24, a clone of Wolverine that is younger, stronger and faster than the original.


Jeffrey Mace was the Director of Shield when Phil Coulson was given the pink slip. After a major public relations disaster, Jeffrey finally decided to be just a figurehead as Phil took in the reins of the spy organization. In the framework saga of season 4 of Agents of Shield, Jeffrey Mace aka Patriot leads the rebels against Hydra that has now taken over the world and heroically dies when trying to save innocents from a falling building.


Yondu’s journey into the world of heroism is a troubled and inspirational one. He used to be a Ravager, an inter-galactic Pirate Organization but was then kicked out for unknowingly participating in child trafficking. He then redeems himself when he saves Quill from certain death by giving the only breathing mask to him as he himself suffocates to death in the vacuum of space.


Stick is a well-known figure in the Marvel’s Netflix shows. He is the guy who trained Daredevil his close combat skills. He is also a father figure to Elektra, the new head of the Hand. Stick is a leader of the Chaste, a secret organization that opposes The Hand. Elektra, who now resents Stick, has finally had enough of Stick as she kills him in The Defenders TV Show.


Caliban is a fairly obscure mutant in the comic books and the movies. His mutant ability allows him to sense and detect other mutants and their powers over great distances. But this ability comes at a catch – Caliban is extremely photosensitive to UV rays. The minute he comes to contact with them, his skin literally starts to burn. In Logan, Caliban is captured by the Reavers and in a bid to allow Logan to escape; he sacrifices himself and instantly rises to fame.

The Warriors Three

Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg are the legendary Warriors Three of Asgard. A trio of extremely capable fighters and warriors, they have aided Thor in many of his adventures. In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela steps on Asgardian soil and is met with the army led by the Warriors Three. They are dispatched quite effortlessly by the Goddess from Hell.


In Gifted, the X-men are no longer alive as the Mutant Underground take over as the forefront of the Mutant Rebellion. One of the MU’s leaders Thunderbird has an old friend that was also part of the same organization. Pulse has the ability to stop all electronics and mutant abilities from functioning in his immediate vicinity. He was later killed in an explosion created by the mutant ability of Otto Strucker.

Martin Stein

Martin Stein and Jax Jefferson are the two halves of the matrix that make up the superhero Firestorm in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. In the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event, Martin is killed when he is caught in the crossfire while escaping from Earth-X, an alternate world where the Nazis won World War 2. His death was a major blow to the Legends and the Arrowverse. Soon after that, Jax left the team when he could no longer cope with Martin’s loss.


The Gifted TV show introduced us to the mysterious character of the Dreamer, a mutant with the ability to affect, manipulate and remove memories of other people. She was later captured along with Blink, Lauren and Andy by Sentinel Services while breaking into a power station that powered a secret Black ops site. The director of the site, Dr. Campbell later killed the Dreamer when the Strucker kids refused to comply with his orders.



This death was too close to the heart for a lot of people. Logan ended with Logan’s death when he finally faced off against the Reavers and X-24, a better-cloned version of the current Wolverine. For once, Logan died fighting for something other than him. In the end, the one thing that Logan craved for most his entire life – a family, was gifted to him in the form of X-23 as he took his final breaths. His last words were – “So this is what it feels like….”

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