MCU: Every Afterlife Revealed In MCU After Moon Knight Ep 5

Moon Knight episode 5 is finally out ad it delved even deeper into Egyptian Mythology than before. The episode started where the last episode left, with Goddess Tawaret meeting Marc and Steven. From there, the episode was like a roller-coaster ride with no end. We went from the underworld Duat, then to Marc’s memories, and then back to Harrow’s office. And then back. This went in cycles until Marc finally reached the Field of Reeds.

But this is not a breakdown post. In the latest episode, we see Marc and Steven in Duat and on their way to the Field of Reeds. And we also hear Tawaret naming another afterlife that we have previously seen in the MCU, the Ancestral Plane. But there are more afterlives that MCU has teased without mentioning what it signifies. And after Moon Knight, it all makes a lot more sense. So here is a list of every afterlife revealed in MCU after Moon Knight Ep 5:



Moon Knight went with Egyptian mythology with this one as they kept it pretty straightforward. In mythology, when a person dies, his/her heart is balanced against the feather from the body of Osiris, the God of Justice. And that’s what happened to Marc and Steven in the fifth episode. If the scale balances, the souls of the dead reach the Field of Reeds for the afterlife. It is a beautiful place with a gorgeous sunset.



As stated earlier, if the scales are balanced, the souls go over to the Field of Reeds. But if they don’t, the damned souls of the Duat claim the soul of the dead person and he/she gets frozen in the sand forever. The duat is a never-ending desert through which all the souls have to pass before getting to the Field of Reeds. the soul is unredeemable once it ends up frozen here. This was where Steven fell from Tawaret’s ship, so it will be interesting to see how he returns from there.



Every Afterlife Revealed In MCU

We know that the Great Bast that Wakandans worship is also shared by Egyptian Mythology where the worshippers call her Bastet. So we know that their mythologies are a little alike, so it was fitting when Tawaret mentioned the Ancestral Plane, aka Djalia, the Wakandan afterlife. It was the place where the old and dead Kings reside for the afterlife and where the new Kings visit to get their blessing before they sit on the throne of Wakanda and take the mantle of the Black Panther. So there’s a high chance that Chadwick Boseman is at Djalia with the freedom to run there forever.



Now that Thor: Love and Thunder is just around the corner, so are the Greek Gods. In Greek Mythology, all the souls end up in Hell for a trial. This trial directs the souls either into a life filled with torture in hell or in peaceful Heaven. Hell is ruled by Hades, the God of the dead and the King of the Underworld, who is the brother of Zeus. Russel Crowe is appearing as the latter, so it is only a matter of time when Hades appears too, along with his brutal kingdom.



According to the Norse lore, the Asgardians end up in the halls of Valhalla, which is ruled by Odin. Maybe MCU follows this because when Odin breathed his last, thor prays for him to reach Valhalla. Even before that, when his mother dies, they gave her a Viking funeral and prayed for her to reach Valhalla. Taika Waititi had a plan to feature Valhalla in live-action but he dropped it midway, and we have no idea if he’ll pick it up again. So we don’t know what MCU’s Valhalla looks like but we might find out soon.



Well, it may not be strictly MCU but now that Multiverse is a thing, this might very well be canon. Right around when Aida was almost about to win, we see Coulson becoming the host of the infamous Spirit of Vengeance, instead of Robbie Reyes. Robbie takes over the Spirit once again when Coulson defeats Aida and then self-exiles himself by opening a portal to hell, using the Darkhold. They may not have name-dropped the Dark Dimension but both of the had uncanny similarities to rule out the possibilities.


What are your thoughts on every afterlife revealed in MCU? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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