How These Insane Powers of Moon Knight Create a Massive Avengers Plot Hole

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some drastic shifts over the last few years. None, more drastic than the events of Moon Knight episode 3. The reason we say that is because Khonshu and Steven pull off some crazy shenanigans in this episode. We left the last at the end of Episode 2, in Egypt, as they were trying to figure out the location of Ammit’s tomb before Harrow. They failed at this endeavour because episode 3 starts with Harrow discovering the location of the tomb. But to stop the resurrection, Khonshu, and Marc begin interrogating the goons in Harrow’s cult to no avail. In the end, Khonshu has to use the otherworldly powers of Moon Knight to find out the answer to a puzzle.

While this sequence is interesting and aesthetic, it also creates a massive plot hole in the MCU. You see, Khonshu is an old Egyptian God who resides in the Othervoid, he and the other Gods can only interact with the human realm through their Avatars. Marc/ Steven is Khonshu’s Avatar and he has been blessed with Khonshu’s healing armour in form of “the suit”. Up until now, it was thought that this was the only power that would aid Marc/ Steven, and Layla in their journey but episode 3 has changed the game. You see, Khonshu needs to know where Ammit’s tomb is, as she is a threat to humanity and the Gods who imprisoned her. So he sends the Gods a signal they cannot ignore.


Powers Of Moon Knight

Khonshu decides to summon the Ennead, to do this he manufactures a solar eclipse in the middle of the day. Khonshu is the God of the moon and he can control the celestial body of his own free will. He blots out the sun and this summons the ennead to the pyramid of Giza to listen to his plea. All the Gods come together and talk through their Avatars. They decide that Harrow has done nothing wrong as of now and he cannot be punished. Khonshu is also warned of dire consequences if he tries to manipulate the sky again. All hope seems lost for our protagonists, but then the Avatar of Hothur tells Marc that he should look for the sarcophagus of Senfu.


Senfu was an ancient cartographer tasked with recording the location of Ammit’s tomb in case the Gods ever needed to know. Marc and Layla locate the sarcophagus in a black market dealer’s collection. They fight their way to the prized artefact and the map located within it. Alas! the map of the location of the tomb relies on the night stars for navigation and the stars have shifted in the past 2000 years. Despondent, Marc/ Steven, and Layla give up hope but Lhonshu has another trick up his sleeve.


Powers of Moon Knight

Steven and Khonshu shift the stars in the sky to the same position they were 2000 years ago and figure out the location of the tomb with the help of the map. While this moment is incredibly powerful, and it establishes Steven as a valuable member of the team there is a serious oversight in the MCU world-building. An eclipse and this drastic shift in stars of the night sky is not something that could have gone unnoticed by the Avengers.


The Consequences

There are mystics within the Avengers such as Wong and Strange who have been tasked with the protection o this realm from supernatural threats. Surely the shifting of the night sky to such a degree must land on their radar. It should create some kind of red flags in someone’s warning system. Not to mention the fact that since space is now a part of the MCU, it is possible that the people in space feeling this shift would have completely lost their minds. So we cannot imagine a future where there is no retaliation for this drastic action by the Moon Knight.


It is quite surprising, however, that no one has called out Moon Knight quite yet. We fully expect some other agency to reach out to Moon Knight by the end of the show and plug this loophole. If that is not done then it is likely that Moon Knight is being treated as a self-contained story that has no connection to the rest of the MCU.

Let us know what you think about these powers of Moon Knight down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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