How Deadpool Could Cameo in Doctor Strange 2

As we all know, Doctor Strange 2 is bringing in plenty of characters. It is a multiverse movie, so what else will you expect out of it? With Professor X confirmed, we are finally going to get mutants in the MCU. And the easiest mutant cameo to predict is Wolverine. Hugh Jackman doesn’t want to play Wolverine anymore, so we’ll get a new Logan, probably in Doctor Strange 2 itself. But here, I’m talking about the Merc with a mouth! Here’s how Deadpool could cameo in Doctor Strange 2.

Deadpool has to be the most obvious choice to add in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I mean, we all know that a Deadpool 3 is headed to the MCU with Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux penning down the script alongside Ryan Reynolds. And we also know that Reynolds loves the work he did on the previous two Deadpool movies. He can’t just leave those films behind and start off a reboot in the MCU. So how will that version of Deadpool be introduced, if that intro is supposed to happen in Doctor Strange 2?


Deadpool and His Shenanigans

Ryan Reynolds recently stated that he will not appear in Multiverse of Madness. He said:

“I guess I’m really not supposed to say anything about that, but I’m really not in the movie. I could be an unreliable narrator, but I’m promising you I’m not in the movie.”

Well, after the stunt that Andrew Garfield tried to pull with Spider-Man: No Way Home, I’m sure no one would believe Reynolds. No one can! So, let’s just ignore what he said and try to predict his cameo as I’ve got the perfect idea for it.


How Deadpool could cameo in Doctor Strange 2

Deadpool 2 ended with Wade wreaking havoc across his timeline. He went back and saved Vanessa. He saved poor Peter who was this amazing X-Force member. He was almost going to kill Baby Hitler! And, he did a bunch of other crazy stuff that didn’t even make total sense. But what you can take from the ending of Deadpool 2 is that he also caused quite a bit of multiverse madness. Maybe what he did could have created a bunch of nasty branched realities.


And in Doctor Strange 2’s trailer and TV spot, we were introduced to the Illuminati team who were policing the Multiverse. They took Doctor Strange into their custody. And the TV spot showed us how they even had 2 prison cells. One of those detained was America Chavez. The other one had Strange. But if you think about it, there should be a few other cells over there since the facility of the Illuminati looked huge. Doctor Strange 2 is supposed to establish this Illuminati squad as a big deal for them to seem like a real threat. Sure, Wanda will come into the mix and wipe out most of them. But before that, we could see a few reality breakers held up at their facility. And that would tell us how they’ve been working to keep the multiverse safe over time.


How Deadpool Could Cameo in Doctor Strange 2

So maybe one of those cells could just show us Deadpool hanging around in there. He could have been caught by one of the Illuminati members when he went on a spree to create a bunch of new timelines while trying to save Vanessa and others. And now that Wanda will attack the Illuminati as shown by the trailer, Deadpool might escape somehow and end up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Thanks to Wanda, by the end of Doctor Strange 2, the multiverse may be facing total madness. But one of the end results of that could be Deadpool in the MCU. And from there on, he could star in his own solo movie. What do you guys think about how Deadpool could cameo in Doctor Strange 2? Could it become a reality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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