How The TVA Might Bring Deadpool in MCU

One of the most exciting upcoming projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to be Deadpool 3. This movie will officially introduce the titular character to the franchise and we are excited to see how he reacts to that. There are various theories making regarding how the character would end up appearing in the franchise with upcoming projects being considered to pave the way. Even though it is not quite sure if the movie will be a complete reboot of the character, fans are excited to see how Marvel will bring him next to the roster of characters. A new Deadpool 3 theory suggests that Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson will be introduced to the MCU using the TVA from the Disney+ series Loki.


Wade Wilson first made his debut in the live-action next to some other mutants in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This take on the character was popularly hated by fans even though it was played by Ryan Reynolds. Ever since then there had been talks about a whole new movie with a very original take on the character much different from the way he was portrayed in his first appearance. This was done with the 2016 movie Deadpool which gave an interesting origin story to the character while exploring all his hijinks from the Marvel comics. But the movie was under Fox and even though there were references to MCU characters, there was no link in the narrative.


Following the Fox-Disney merger, a variety of projects oriented on the Marvel mutants under Fox were dropped. This also meant that a third Deadpool film was dropped and there was no hint if it will ever see the light of the day. But things took an interesting turn when Kevin Feige announced that Deadpool will be making his MCU debut with the actor reprising his role in the movie. Things went silent again for a while and there was no update regarding this project. But the last few weeks saw some exciting updates as Shawn Levy was roped in to direct Deadpool 3.


Deadpool & TVA Theory

Following the update that Deadpool 3 will be directed by Shawn Levy, fans also theorized that the actor playing Blind Al will also return for the movie. This almost confirmed that the movie will not be a reboot and instead will be a continuation of the arc of the character from the previous two entries. But this left fans wondering about how this character will be introduced to the MCU since he belongs to a completely different universe. Certain activities of the character could have indicated the possible means of introducing him to the MCU.


Deadpool 2 saw the character dealing with Time Travel when Cable was introduced in the movie. Cable had traveled back in time to kill a mutant named Russell who would be responsible for the death of his family in the future. But Deadpool gets in his way to introduce a means of stopping these events and making sure Russell isn’t killed. He manages to succeed and Cable ends up remaining in the past by using his last charge to save Deadpool. Later in the mid-credits scene of the movie, we discover that Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend, Yuko have managed to repair the time-traveling device. Deadpool takes this opportunity to go back in time and make some major corrections or changes as he would call them.


These activities would certainly end up putting him on the TVA radar. There were times in the Marvel comics where Deadpool was seen working with the TVA thus it won’t be surprising to see that happening in the MCU. The Time Variance Authority was introduced in the MCU with the Disney+ series Loki. They try to make sure that people who create Nexus Events are dealt with accordingly. If Deadpool is caught by them then he has a major chance of appearing in the upcoming projects that deal with time and multiverse. One of the biggest examples of such a project is clearly the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will release in theaters worldwide on May 6.


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