10 Facts About Toppo The Mortal God of Destruction Only True Dragon Ball Fans Know

Facts About Toppo The Mortal God of Destruction:

Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers and the second most powerful warrior of Universe 11. He quickly became a fan favorite during the Tournament of Power arc, showing amazing feats of strength and speed unseen and unheard of in the Dragon Ball Universe. Let us know a little more about Toppo the Destroyer.

 1. Can access Godly Ki

Facts About Toppo The Mortal God of Destruction

There are two forms of Ki that the warriors of the Dragon Ball Universe use to become superhumans. The first is the Mortal Ki, the unrefined energy that flows through all mortal beings. Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters use Mortal Ki in battle. The second is Godly Ki – this Ki is a much more potent and refined energy source. Exclusive only to the Gods, this Ki can be used by Mortals who undergo the proper training. Toppo once underwent training as a potential candidate for God of Destruction, and as a result, gained access to the Godly Ki. While using his Aura of a God, he could go toe to toe with Super Saiyan God Goku as well as fight Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

 2. We never really know who won – Goku or Toppo

In the anime, the Universe Survival arc begins with Goku losing to Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11.  But neither of them actually admit their defeat and claim that the other is a better warrior than him. The two never manage to settle the score since the Universe Survival arc pits Goku against Jiren while Toppo is made to fight Frieza and Android 17. Goku and Toppo do have amazing chemistry together but due to the story progressing as it is, Toppo and Goku never manage to have a decisive battle to decide who the better of the two is!

 3. The only God of Destruction Candidate we have met so far

Facts About Toppo The Mortal God of Destruction

The Universe of Dragon Ball is on a world-building spree. More and more characters and concepts are finding better ground within the anime and manga. With the inclusion of the Gods of Destruction and confirmation of the theory of multiple universes during the Tournament of Power arc, there is a lot that the anime and manga need to address. One of those things is that whether any other mortal other than Toppo has also managed to achieve God of Destruction level of Strength. At any given point of time, the God of Destruction of a Universe is the most powerful being of that universe. But if Toppo was revealed to have been in a training program that helped him gain his Destroyer form then who is to say there weren’t any other such potential candidates? This changes things.

 4. The Strongest Character Vegeta has ever faced and defeated

Facts About Toppo The Mortal God of Destruction

Vegeta has faced many enemies in his lifetime was a Z Fighter. But none hold even a candle to Toppo. Toppo has access to Godly Ki and can even enter into his Destroyer Form which gives him the same power as a God of Destruction. Vegeta had to push himself really hard to fight Toppo, who was proving to be more than a match for him during the Tournament of Power. Like Goku who managed to turn the tables after gaining Ultra Instinct, Vegeta had to also push his bodily and mental limits to become stronger on the go. Vegeta accessed an evolved level of Super Saiyan Blue, which gave him the power to fight Toppo on equal terms and survive a suicide attack that would have taken him as well as Toppo out of the arena. Even if we take into account the Moro arc, Toppo remains Vegeta’s strongest adversaries he managed to defeat on his own.

 5. He never becomes God of Destruction in the Manga

Facts About Toppo The Mortal God of Destruction

Toppo achieving his God of Destruction power levels after entering into his Destroyer form sounded like a pretty bug Deus Ex Machina moment considering the fact that he was almost going to be eliminated by Frieza. The anime shows Toppo as a very humble and respectful warrior but once he enters into his Destroyer Form, he lets go of his sense of justice and becomes sinister and sadistic. Toppo never achieved his Destroyer form in the Manga. Akira Toriyama was careful in ensuring Toppo was integral to the storyline and he used what he had available to make him a worthy addition without giving him unnecessary power boosts to further the arc. Toppo’s God of Destruction moment was unnecessary and a fault totally credited to the anime studio.

 6. He is all about honor

Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers, the team that participated in the Tournament of Power representing Universe 11. He did not become their leader just because he was the most powerful. The most powerful was Jiren. But Jiren still considered Toppo to be the one who is a better leader than him. That is because Toppo values honor, justice, fair play and ideals above anything else.

Facts About Toppo The Mortal God of Destruction

He has extreme respect for all the Gods as well as his opponents. He detests under-handed tactics and is ready to punish any evil-doer who tries to get the better of him. He is even very respectful towards his juniors and subordinates and always treats them and sees them as his equal in all spheres. Despite his tremendous levels of power, Toppo is a very humble fighter and is extremely down to Earth. That is why he is the leader of the Pride Troopers because his followers have the utmost respect for him.

 7. Was Tortured by Frieza

Toppo has a violent encounter with Android 17 during the Tournament of Power. Android proves to be no match for him. While on the receiving end of the battle, Android 17 is almost about to be eliminated when Frieza enters the scene! Toppo looks outmatched against two powerful warriors from Universe 7 working together. At first it looks like Toppo is about to lose. Frieza gets so arrogant that he decides to play with Toppo a bit before eliminating him. He tortures and taunts Toppo up to a point even Toppo loses it. Toppo uses his trump card and transforms into a Mortal God of Destruction, much to the surprise of Beerus and Shin. He then attacks Frieza, who thinks that his Golden Form is enough to stop a God of Destruction. He could not be more wrong.

 8. If Vegeta and Toppo fought in the real world, Toppo would have won pretty easily

Within the settings of the Tournament of Power, it is pretty difficult to keep track of all the fighters and their power levels. This is partly because of the fact that the Tournament itself places multiple limitations on the warriors, which makes it harder for a warriors power levels to be gauged. Moreover, the Grand Priest heals any warrior instantly the moment he or she is eliminated. In the real world, a warrior would have to keep on fighting and there would be no one who would be able to heal him. Toppo has better stamina, durability, and endurance than Vegeta. As we know, Vegeta was almost exhausted by the time he managed to enter his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form and beat the living daylights out of Toppo, who had already fought so many fighters before he met Vegeta.

 9. Is a personal bodyguard to the God of Destruction of Universe 11

As the second most powerful warrior in the history of Universe 11, Toppo’s skills as a fighter were recognized and acknowledged by even the God of Destruction of his universe. He was then recruited to be the personal bodyguard of Belmod and Khai. Goku has gone so far as to claim that even he is unsure if he could beat Toppo in a one on one fight if there were not any limitations placed on both by the Tournament of Power.  Toppo specializes in joint locks and chokeholds and he is considered to be the Multi-Verse’s foremost authority when it comes to submission holds. When Basil sent an energy blast straight at him, Toppo caught it with his bare hand, the energy blast quietly dissipating within his grip. This even surprised Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6.

 10. Has a split personality

Toppo, when enraged, can transform into another form. This form activates when Toppo embraces his full powers as a God of Destruction. While Temporary, this stage does give him a major power boost that helped him sustain himself in a fight against the Super Saiyan Vegeta and the Golden Form Frieza. Toppo has a strong sense of justice and morality. But when he activates his God of Destruction powers, his mentality changes! He no longer is the humble and respectful chap that everybody was familiar with. He is prone to violence, is ready to taunt and maim his villains, and will use over-kill tactics to turn the tide of the battle to his favor. Once he regains his original form and let go of the God of Destruction powers, he returns to his lovelier self. This is an example of a split personality within Toppo’s psyche.

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