How Moon Knight Is Different From Other Marvel Shows in Every Way

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become synonymous with evolution and innovation. We could have never predicted the route that Marvel Studios have taken with their TV shows. The OTT segment of the MCU has taken the fandom by storm and we hope that they continue this trend by giving us more and more unique content with every passing year. The latest success in Marvel’s roster is undoubtedly Moon KnightMoon Knight is different from other Marvel shows in a very unique way. The show has a habit of shying away from the action. It is offbeat and unorthodox and that is what makes it enticing. Let me explain how.

Before we get into the analysis of Marvel’s latest release it is pertinent to mention that only 2 episodes of Moon Knight have come out up until now. It seems that Marvel has chosen to continue with their weekly release schedule much like how they have released all the other shows up until now. We cannot complain because each episode is accompanied by its own weeklong campaign, but when streaming services like Netflix release entire seasons in one go, Marvel’s piecemeal system leaves much to be desired. However, we think that this is also a part of Marvel’s strategy. They love to build anticipation and the people at Marvel Studios know how to get the fans riled up. Feige has a sick sense of humour, so far that he enjoys watching the fans beg for content.


Moon Knight Is Different From Other Marvel Shows

This fact has never been more evident than in Moon Knight. The show is about Marc Spector and Steven Grant, two people who are sharing the same body. Marc is a mercenary who was saved by Khonshu (the Egyptian God of the Moon) while he was on the verge of death and Steven is a gift shop clerk in a museum. They are wildly different characters inhabiting the same body. Moreover, Marc seems to have made a deal with Khonshu to be his avatar in exchange for his life and the safety of Layla, his wife. Together, Khonshu and Marc are looking for the golden scarab that will lead them to the tomb of Ammit. They wish to stop her resurrection.


Arthur Harrow is the former avatar of Khonshu but now he serves Ammit and acts as the main villain of the show. With a premise like this one would expect that there would be a lot of action in the show. However, the creators play a cruel joke on the audience by skipping around the parts where the action actually takes place. the in-universe explanation of this is that we are watching episode 1 from Steven’s perspective so anything that Marc does, we are not privy to. This makes sense but it becomes increasingly frustrating for the audience.


Moon Knight is different from other Marvel shows

However, the subtle trick here is that this annoyance does not make us want to leave the show mid-way. But, in fact, it makes us want to watch it even more. This is called edging in classic terms, or it can also be called expectation subversion to an extent. The show makers are withholding the action sequences so that they get the attention they deserve when they finally happen onscreen.


The Breakdown

This helps the show in two very important ways. First, it enables the show makers to save the CGI budget for the really big fights that will happen at the end of the season. Second, it allows for the show to build anticipation, which has always been Marvel’s strategy. Combining these policies allows for a very intricate and diverse show that delivers on more fronts than we could have ever expected. Even though we do not see Marc shooting people, but the implication persists and help develops Marc’s character albeit offscreen.


On the other hand, being a part of Steven’s day makes us empathetic to the character and we form bonds that carry over to Marc and Khonshu. This is very powerful storytelling. Marvel has really hit it out of the park with Moon Knight. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

The above theory clearly tells us why Moon Knight is different from other Marvel shows, are you enjoying Moon Knight till now? comment it down.


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