The Best Superhero Movies of 2017 Ranked

2017 has been a great year for superhero lovers, we got so much awesome content that it became tough to handle the excitement! Awesome stories like Metal and Doomsday clock or a movie to pay off an epic adventure of a great superhero. It would only be justice if we properly ranked the movies we got this year. So, here it is. The list of 10 of the best superhero movies of 2017.

10. Transformers: The Last Knight

Kicking off the list is the latest edition of the Transformers franchise. The movie was a blockbuster but got a lot of negative reviews from the critics because of its usual childish tone and CG. People expected something new but got the same basic plot. But then again the movie is a fun watch if you just want entertainment to kill time when bored.

9. Ghost In A Shell

when this movie was first announced people were jacked about it to finally make an appearance on the big screen. Though when it hit the theatres it disappointed many but others enjoyed it too. With Stunning visuals and a hottie like Scarlett Johansson as the lead, this is also a fun watch and you will be satisfied with some level if you try to control the otaku inside you.

8. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

The second part of the GOTG series which was a risk for MCU also launched in the month of May with Ego the living planet being the big bad of the movie. It delivered what it promised and was a roller coaster ride to watch with stunning graphics and a really good story.

7. L.E.G.O Batman

Probably the weirdest yet awesome movie on the list. LEGO Batman is not your typical Batman movie, in fact, it doesn’t even look like one the moment you start seeing it. It’s a funny flick on the character. The movies go hard mode on trolling other franchises like Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Marvel etc. BUT! Despite being a movie of that kind, it packs a really awesome story that will keep your eyes peeled for the crave to watch it.

6. Spiderman: Homecoming

Teased way back in early 2016, Tom’s spidy made his debut in Captain America: Civil War last year and now in July 2017 we finally got the Spiderman movie we have been waiting for. Dealing with a much younger spiderman we’ve seen before, the movie goes around the story of peter slowly becoming the Spiderman we all know and love.

5. Justice League

When you hear that DC’s elite team is finally making a big screen appearance you get hyped for it and know that it is going to be a blockbuster, but as it turns out JL disappointed on both ends…….. just kidding! It was an amazing watch and if you’re a die-hard DC fan (not someone who expects life to be perfect duh!) you’re and probably have enjoyed it a lot. It may have had a weak story and a slightly bad CG but then again unless you actually go to the theatre to just notice it you won’t find it.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

After 2 continuous bad movies, The god of thunder finally managed to give a good movie. A thoroughly enjoyable movie with great visuals and a decent enough story. It would have been a perfect movie had Marvel actually tried to put more efforts into the story than the extra and sometimes pointless comedy. Honestly sometimes the comedy felt like it was forcefully being slammed. With a name like Ragnarok you better do that name justice but seems like Marvel forgot about it. None the less it was an amazing watch.

3. Wonder Woman

Great Hera! Diana, you just gave the geekdom a big nerdgasm with your debut. Wonder Woman hit the screens in the month of June and took everyone by surprise. No one was expecting it to be that good but turns out now people it to win an Oscar! Shocking isn’t it!? Wonder Woman is strong female character both in character and outside. The movie truly did it justice. With an amazing story and great character build up and an ending that melted millions of hearts. It deserves all of what it got.

2. Logan

Jackman’s final movie as the iconic character of Wolverine. This movie touched everyone’s heart and there are 2 reasons to why that happened. One being Jackman himself and the other one being X-23 and her touching connection with Wolverine. The movie does an awesome job at the character build up of the new characters and leaves us on a high note.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi


This is hands down the best of 2017! Unless you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan whose theories onto who the Last Jedi would be and who falls to the dark side got completely crushed, you’re going to Love this movie! With stunningly Awesome visuals, an extremely awesome story and Jaw dropping lightsaber and space battles. This movie packs it all. It starts with a space fight and ends with one and when you see that in a movie you should know that it is going to be LIT. No one expected it to be this great but it is! Hell even the director himself is scared that he can’t make a movie in the franchise that would challenge this one. BUT! He now has an entirely blank canvas for a new trilogy of his own and we can’t wait to see it.

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