10 Insanely Weird Demands Made by Celebrities To Work on Certain Projects

You must have heard how some celebrities are difficult to work with but you might not be aware of their bizarre demands. Some of these requests seem pretty simple but others are downright crazy. So, here are 10 absolutely weird demands made by celebrities while working on their respective projects:

Jennifer Lawrence

Known for her amazing acting chops and quirky sense of humor, Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s sweethearts. But on the set of her film ‘Mother’, she had an absurd routine. She made the crew set up a Kardashian tent where she would watch ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ on loop. This was her way of de-stressing and she called the tent her happy place.



Just like her legacy and talent, Cher’s wigs are also iconic. You’ll be surprised to know how Cher takes care of her tresses. She usually demands a separate room just for her wigs! This might seem crazy, but if you have had a career that spans several decades, you can definitely demand something like this.

Jennifer Lopez

Weird Demands Made by Celebrities

Being one of the most successful pop stars and actors has its advantages. After all, who can say no to JLo! Jennifer Lopez has a unique demand when she is on a film set. She doesn’t like to see too many colors around her as she finds them distracting. This is why she ensures that her dressing room is completely white in color, including white drapes, white tables, white candles, and more.



Just like Hollywood actors, many celebrities in the music industry also have some specific quirks. For instance, if you want Drake to perform at an event, you must make sure his dressing room smells nice. In fact, Drake likes to have dozens of naturally scented incense sticks and candles in the room.

Tom Cruise

You must have heard about Tom Cruise’s belief in Scientology as it created quite an uproar a few years back. On the set of his film ‘War of the Worlds’, he actually asked for a whole tent staffed with Scientology-related stuff in it.



Let’s admit it. If you are Beyonce, you can ask for almost anything and your wish will be fulfilled within seconds. Beyonce demands a few things when she is on set, including her dressing room to be kept at exactly 78 degrees. She is extremely specific about this request and might refuse to enter the dressing room if the temperature is wrong. Also, she likes to have baked chicken legs that are heavily seasoned before performing. A few other things that Queen Bey asks for are rose-scented candles and no Coca-cola products near her, as she can only be seen endorsing Pepsi due to contracts.



Many rock bands are known to have weird demands and specific rituals that they do before stepping on stage. But Metallica has a pretty tame request that is easy to fulfill. They ask to be served bacon for every meal from morning till evening.


Weird Demands Made by Celebrities

Adele is one of the most passionate singers and songwriters of this era who has created multiple highly successful albums. So, it is not hard to believe that the singer has a few specific demands when she is on set for a project. She likes to have freshly made sandwiches with no tomatoes, vinegar, or chili, and some fresh fruits. But that’s not all!

Adele also asks for a pack of Marlboro light, some good quality red wine and chewing gums. Lastly, being a Brit, Adele loves her tea. Thus, she asks for an electric kettle, large mugs and six metal spoons to make tea whenever she wants.



Just like his super successful wife, Jay-Z also has similar demands while working. The rapper asks for his dressing room to have an exact temperature of 72 degrees and the right selection of drinks and food. He also likes to have specific furniture items that include a large couch, a love seat and matching end tables in his dressing room.

Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, which is why he can make some expensive demands while being on set. Smith has asked for a $2.5 million double-decker trailer with a kitchen and wardrobe room in the past. Hence, it is safe to say that he likes to have a humungous space for himself that helps him unwind while working.


So these are all the crazy and weird demands made by Celebrities! Which of them had you intrigued? Let us know.

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