5 Famous Cult Actors Of All Time

Besides A-list actors who appear in their favorite genres, some actors dip their toes in sci-fi, horror, and other genres before they step into their favorite genres. Cult actors may not be the matinee idols but their weird and offbeat roles in movies make them stand at an exceptional level. So here we are counting on five greatest cult actors who have exceptional traits which made them stand out over the years.

1) Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion (Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage)

Best known for his role as Richard Castle on ABC’s Castle, his cult following began to develop when appeared as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the television series Firefly. Thought, the TV series was canceled after the first season. He reprised his role in the film Serenity(2005).

2) Steve Buscemi


The American actor and director have acted in many indie films.He is recognized for his roles in several Adam Sandler films. Known for his distinctive look and eyes, he usually portrays the cowardly loser. He almost became one of the A-list actors after his role in 2001’s Ghost World.

3) Dennis Hopper


The American actor began his career in his late teens and is known for playing over-the-top villains. He got a strong attention for his movie Easy Rider(1969) which gave a rebellious image. Due to the admitted drug use in his career, he behaved unpredictable which cut off his chances in several good movies.

4) Vincent Price


Sophisticated and debonair, the American actor Vincent Price was known for his exceptional voice and performances in horror films. He was not hesitant to playing monstrous characters and had the unmistakable classically train voice. You can hear his voice in Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

5) Christopher Lee


For 65 year, he played one of the best horror and sci-fi roles in his career. His CV includes The Mummy, Dracula, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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