How WandaVision Sets Up ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

The Scarlet Witch is here. WandaVision has concluded its run on Disney+. The finale has left the viewers in a dubious position. Marvel is often known for cliffhangers. But WandaVision is the epitome of cliffhangers. The reason for that could be Marvel’s entire 2021 slate that WandaVision has set. Everything that follows after WandaVision, will be comparatively as good as the start was. The show has set many new characters and other MCU projects as well.

WandaVision touched on the concept of Multiverses. Let’s combine the information on Multiverses that was given in Avengers: Endgame. It appears likely that whatever knowledge may have been disseminated by the Avengers or by relevant government agencies including the concept of such a branching universe. WandaVision took this one step further, discussing the concept of a “nexus,” and introducing the Darkhold, the Book of the Damned, which appears very different from its previous MCU appearance in Agents of SHIELDS. Darkhold will be seen in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

Some hints in the show still suggest the existence and nature of the multiverse, such as the Nexus commercial in episode 7. In the comics, a ‘nexus’ is a point at which all possible worlds overlap. Frequently, individuals of enormous power can also be nexus points, in the comics known as Nexus Beings, suggesting that Wanda’s personal strength may make her such a person. She has the powers of Nexus Beings from the pages of Marvel Comics. Nexus Beings are capable of altering the timeline of manipulating probability. Only one Nexus Being exists within each alternate reality. The usage of the “probability hex” in WandaVision could suggest that Wanda is a Nexus Being.

How WandaVision Sets Up Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Wanda constantly switches through television eras, displaying her powers of a Nexus Being. She is not limited only to this. Her powers will be explored more in future projects. Scarlet Witch is supposed to be a mythic figure, as said by Agatha Harkness too. This suggests that only Nexus Being exists in one reality. If there were to be two, the mantle gets passed on. All this suggests that Nexus Beings exist in the multiverse. They manifest different traits in different characters to fit their alternate universe.

How WandaVision Sets Up Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Another significant hint in WandaVision as to the nature of the multiverse happened with the introduction of the Darkhold, a significant mystical artifact in the Marvel comics. A singular, unique work, it has already appeared in the Agents of SHIELD series and a few other unrelated Marvel TV shows, although it appeared very different in those iterations. Agatha Harkness introduced the Darkhold in WandaVision. While it is possible that the book may have shifted appearances based on the owner’s expectations, it is also possible that this is an indication that this is a related but distinct universe.

it is possible that the reason that the Mysterio hoax was so successful was that scientists and agents in the mainline MCU have encountered the concept before or at least theorized about its existence. Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina are confirmed to be returning as Electro and Doctor Octopus, respectively, this implies that Spider-Man’s upcoming travels may confirm what was originally a facade. This is even further supported by the fact that we might get to see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in No Way Home as well.

It’s distinctly possible that Spider-Man may be searching the multiverse with Strange, either to clear his name or to help to stop a multiversal crisis. Doctor Strange is to make a major cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home before kicking off his own sequel titled Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness. Given that the end of WandaVision had a stinger that included Wanda looking through the dark magics of the Darkhold, and the prophecy that the Scarlet Witch is destined to end the world, it could be that she will precipitate such a crisis, or be the solution to it. She was seen reading the Darkhold in the astral plane. This could be a direct hint at her connection with Doctor Strange.

How WandaVision Sets Up Spider-Man: No Way Home?

With WandaVision happening in nearby New Jersey, Spider-Man and his allies may be seeking out a way to get to the multiverse to clear Peter Parker’s name. The dimensional folding from the end of Endgame might have inspired the notion, and the Westview incident may mean that there is additional magical power floating around. Strange may already be on the case when Spider-villains from alternate worlds begin to appear in the MCU. Since Stephen Strange is based out of New York, he would be one of the nearest magic users to respond when such energy started to show up anywhere near where Spider-Man lives.

How WandaVision Sets Up Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Strange maybe one of the steps along the way to Spider-Man accessing the multiverse, particularly since the synopsis for Multiverse of Madness mentions that he has been doing some independent study on the matter. What capacity magic or the multiverse will play in the upcoming Spider-Man film is yet to be determined.

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