10 Famous Actors You Never Knew Turned Down DC Movie Roles

The DC Extended Universe is in full swing. The Justice League helped extend the universe to new boundaries. But DCEU is new. DC movies have been coming long before Warner Bros. started the DC extended universe. Here is a look at all the actors who could have been major players in the DC universe if things went a little different.

Robin Williams – The Riddler

Batman Forever was an absolute atrocity. Doomed storylines, humorless content, wrong casting choices and Bat-nipples ruined the movie. The movie saw the Riddler, played by Jim Carrey, terrorizing Gotham which seemed more like a skit.

Had it been Robin Williams instead of Jim Carrey, a certain spontaneity to the role could have been brought that might have saved the movie. But on the contrary, the script was so horrible that it would have tainted the career of Robin Williams who was well-known for serious performances and did the right thing by turning down ill-conceived Batman villain.

Leonardo Dicaprio – Robin

Like we said, Batman Forever was a doomed project from the very beginning. Robin was another major downside. Although rumors say Leo screen tested for the role, it is false.

He only had a meeting with the directors but later turned down the role. Superheroes ain’t his thing since he also turned down playing Spiderman. Maybe in the future, Leo would look to superhero movies in MCU or DCEU and lend his class and persona to a comic-book character. There were whispers and speculation in fact of offering him Joker origin movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal – Rick Flag

In 2015, Jake reportedly auditioned for the role of Rick Flag but later turned down the role. The directors then went for Joel Kinnaman who did a decent job in the movie.

Now new rumors have surfaced that there was a reason Gyllenhaal was not interested in Flag. He was eventually going to take over as DCEU’s Batman. He is now actively lobbying for the role of Bruce Wayne aka Batman now that Matt Reeves has also signaled his intent to bring him onboard.

Jude Law – Superman

 Jude Law could have been the Superman in Superman Returns. The studio even sent a dummy suit for Jude Law to try on. He wore the suit and imagined himself on the posters of Superman Returns around the world. He did not like what he saw so he decided to let it go.

Jude Law made the right call of not accepting the role of Superman, as he is not the right fit for the role in terms of physicality.

Pierce Brosnan – Batman

 Pierce Brosnan is better remembered as James Bond of Hollywood. But before he got his license to kill, he was approached for the role of Batman in the movie Batman. He turned down the role thinking that “whoever wears his underpants inside out must be crazy”.

Michael Keaton wore the suit and is now relished as the one true Batman of Hollywood. Although, my favorite is Christian Bale in Nolan Batman trilogy, Michael Keaton will always be among the best no matter who plays it.

Charlize Theron – Antiope/ Doctor Poison

Charlize Theron is one hell of a beauty that is ruling Hollywood as we speak. When Wonder Woman was being finalized for casting choices, Theron was approached for the important role in the movie.

The role is still unknown as of yet. She could have been General Antiope or Doctor Poison. According to sources, scheduling conflicts interfered in her entry into the DCEU. So technically, she is open to playing a comic-book role but could not at the time because of her prior commitments. So DC…think about bringing Theron into the mix before Marvel signs her.

Matt Damon – Harvey Dent

Harvey Dent has been immortalized as a villain constantly in conflict with his dark side in Nolan’s The Dark Knight. The movie’s Two-Face could have been much different if Matt Damon would have been chosen to play it instead.

At that point of time, Damon was already working on several movie projects and there was too much scheduling conflict. It’s difficult to imagine Matt Damon as Harvey Dent but it would have been quite a sight watching two great actors – Matt and Bale at the two ends of the justice system.

Anthony Hopkins – Alfred Pennyworth

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy was something anyone would regret to turn down a role in. Anthony Hopkins would be one of those guys.

He was turned down for Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin, his project with Bratt Ratner’s Superman fell through and then he ended up turning down a chance to play Batman’ butler. Nonetheless, he was Odin in MCU who died peacefully in Thor: Ragnarok.

Jamie Alexander – Wonder Woman

Jamie Alexander is better known as MCU’s Lady Sif. But she could have been a part of their rivals as well. Snyder wanted Jamie to play the role of Wonder Woman in DCEU. She turned down the role thinking that the script did not do Wonder Woman justice and over-sexualized her, whatever the hell that means.

Gal Gadot later became Wonder Woman and the rest is history. Can we ask you a question? At what part did you find Wonder Woman ‘sexualized’. Damn you, Alexander. Your career would have taken a long flight but instead, you were not even part of Ragnarok. If you don’t want to be a part of it then just say it. Don’t make shrewd remarks!

Will Smith – Superman

dc movies

That’s right. A black Superman could have been very, very real. Will Smith was apparently approached to play the Last Son of Krypton in Superman Returns. He turned down the role as he thought it would be wrong to play a predominantly white character. C’mon Will… you are a comedian, a rapper who has made fun of race in America all your life and you let go of the most iconic comic-book character.

Not wanting to get into the muddied waters of political correctness, Brandon Routh was then selected to play Superman. Will Smith appeared later as Deadshot in Suicide Squad.

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