10 Ways The Armor of War Machine Has Changed In MCU

Iron Man sacrificed himself in Avengers: Endgame in order to kill the Mad Titan Thanos. Now he is a fan favorite. But we all have a habit of ignoring his best friend, War Machine. He is also equally powerful. Now since Tony Stark is no more, there is a chance that Rhodey might get more screen space and an equal amount of attention. But let me tell you that even Rhodey’s armor has gone through some significant upgrades. The upcoming Disney+ series, Armor Wars, is all about War Machine. So we might get to see a new look at War Machine’s suit. Here are 10 ways the Armor of War Machine has changed in MCU.

1. Iron Patriot Rebranding

Everyone remembers that scene from Iron Man 3 where War Machine gets rebranded as Iron Patriot. This was not just surprising for MCU fans but also for the characters of the franchise. People were making fun of the Iron Patriot rebranding including Tony Stark. Rhodey still defends himself and says that it tested well in focus groups. But his military login and password, “WarMachine68” and “WARMACHINEROX” clearly show that he still considers himself as War Machine.

2. Inclusion of non-lethal war hammer and non-lethal Stark sonic cannon

Iron Man and his team were asked to bring in Captain America and Bucky Barnes. Tony tried to ensure that his team wins. So the War Hammer and Stark Sonic Cannon were added for this purpose. Rhodey did not get the chance to use the War Hammer properly since Steve Rogers destroys it. But he uses the Stark Sonic Cannon on Wanda when she tries to stop a crumbling tower from falling on top of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

3. War Machine Mark II was also made for Rhodey

Tony Stark’s first armor was a prototype built with his measurements and preferences. But the War Machine Mark II was built for Rhodey. It was designed to fit into Rhodey’s body and interact more with Rhodey’s physiology. The suits are very intuitive and can respond to unspoken commands. The War Machine’s suit has almost similar functions to Iron Man’s suit. But still, somewhere War Machine’s suit is more powerful than that of Tony Stark.

4. Downgraded with Hammer Tech and continual weapons upgrades

The War Machine Mark I suit was not made for Rhodey. But when he got hold of it from Tony’s mansion, U.S. Air Force asked Justin Hammer to weaponize it. The guns installed were working fine. But the custom Hammer-tech fails on the first use when Rhodey tries to use it on Ivan Vanko. Tony provides the weaponry since then. He has upgraded the standard guns and repulsors and included some bells and whistles. One of them is Unibeam, a powerful repulsor blast that powers up from the chest’s arc reactor.

5. Easy to remove and put on

Tony Stark made a lot of improvements in his Iron Man suits. When the technology implemented was working well, he used the same in the War Machine armors. This was the reason why Aldrich Killian was able to apprehend the Iron Man armor and kidnap the President. Tony or Rhodey can easily step in and out of their suits in a few seconds. This might be the first iteration of some sort of nano-tech since the suit can open from the back as well as the front.

6. War Machine Mark II was not a prototype

War Machine Mark I was designed for Tony Stark but it was merely a prototype. There were limited flight systems, minimum H.U.D., and low-powered repulsors. The suit was not battle-ready and so it was stolen by Tony’s best friend, Rhodey. But Tony later upgraded the War Machine armor by himself and made it look cool like his own suits. War Machine Mark II was an improvement over Mark I. It was designed as a military-grade weapon instead of a limited prototype.

7. More durability and built-in walking aids after Rhodey’s accident in War Machine Mark IV

Rhodey got injured when Vision tried to attack Falcon and instead hit Rhodey. He fell down to the ground and was crippled with spinal injury. Tony then makes walking braces that help Rhodey to continue his normal life. They are a permanent fix of the War Machine armors so that Rhodey can also walk while being in the suit. Since the Mind Stone’s beam tore through the arc reactor, Tony makes the suits more durable. War Machine’s armor then gets more durable and can withstand the full force of Cull Obsidian’s hammer, alien attacks, and another fall from the sky. The suit also works after encounters with Thanos and Power Stone.

8. Heat is a major problem

Tony Stark finds out that when the suits reach high altitudes, they face an icing problem which also shut them down. The icing issue was the first problem solved here. But the thing that prevents the suits from freezing has also made them susceptible to heat. Iron Patriot’s suit shuts down when Aldrich Killian’s Extremis subject overheats it with her powers. The heat overrides the suit’s safety measures when it ejects Rhodes and the suit is too hot for maintaining normal functions and keeping him safe from rising temperatures.

9. Inclusion of missile launchers and bomb dispensers

Along with advanced guns, the War Machine armor also has an arsenal in the form of missiles and bombs. The armors have multiple missile launchers and bomb dispensers in various parts of the suit including the shoulders, thighs, and forearms. The missiles and bombs can cause more damage and kill more enemies. They can also search for targets and make them more effective than just firing more bullets and expect that they might hit something.

10. More flight capabilities and maneuverability

The first War Machine suit was a prototype of the Iron Man Mark II suit and the flight capabilities were also not so perfect. The military also included their two cents. The suit then becomes heavier and cannot move more quickly and with more agility. Extra thrusters were included on the legs for more weight but it did nothing for the flight function of the suit. But an arsenal of weapons was included in the suit and so aerial acrobatics were not so crucial.

So these are the changes we’ve seen in the Armor of War Machine.

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