Fans Spot a Big Mistake in Moon Knight Episode 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for how perfectly they execute the narratives for each and every project we get to see. It is a praiseworthy achievement that each project in the franchise has been quite brilliant in bringing to life some of our favourite characters from the comics. The Disney+ shows have also worked towards bringing these narratives into a brilliant format. But now and again there are some tiny mistakes that slip right into these projects. Even though Moon Knight has been quite the combination of repeated twists it seems that there are tiny mistakes in the execution. Let us have a look at the mistake in Moon Knight episode 4.

Moon Knight

The latest from Disney+’s MCU shows, Moon Knight is taking things to a whole new level with twists and turns almost everywhere in the plot. There is utter confusion regarding what we will get to see next in the narrative. Some of the events of the series actually have us wondering about the possible outcome at the end of the series. But the latest episode has to be one of the most surprising things fans of the MCU might have come across. We witness Marc Spector reaching an asylum after he is shot by Arthur Harrow and he isn’t alone as he is next to his other identity, Steven Grant.


Mistake in Moon Knight episode 4

In recent years, the shows have reached technical developments that make them at par with the movies. Often there is a certain element that makes a series appear in that format while the movies are quite different. But nowadays, the shows have perfection in their execution which makes them a lot more interesting, and they are as finely executed as movies. Even though these achievements have made everyday shows quite comparable to the way movies are executed, there are still some mistakes that make it into the narrative. The MCU projects are known for featuring cameos but often some cameos might break the fourth wall where it is not expected to.


Crew Gets Spotted In Moon Knight


The latest episode of Moon Knight went absolutely haywire with the narrative of the character. One particular moment, as pointed out by Twitter user Shashank Mishra, sees a crew member making it into the frame. This is the scene where Steven Grant climbs up to find an alternate exit within the tomb. When he looks over the bannister to talk to Layla, the mistake could be spotted in the background. At the right edge of the frame, a crew member’s leg can be seen. This could be taken as quite a minor mistake in comparison to the coffee cups we got to see in the final season of Game of Thrones.


But this is not the very first time that a mistake like this has made it into the Disney+ series. The previous episode saw a cameraman making his debut in the MCU when there was a chase sequence. One might say that these mistakes are quite minor compared to the content that we are getting to see here. Fans of another Disney+ series, The Mandalorian might remember one of the crew members was visible during a pivotal battle sequence. Even though it makes sense that these projects have a massive production and thus such mistakes are possible, often these might affect the narrative of the series.


It would be interesting to see a project based around the extras who made their MCU debut. While we are sure that Disney+ would remove these mistakes in the series later, it is quite possible that Deadpool makes a joke about these “cameos” when he makes his MCU debut. Moon Knight has a crazy plot already and it would be rather shocking to see it break the fourth wall. As we wait for more craziness to unfold in the series, let’s hope it doesn’t shock us with these bizarre cameos. New episodes of Moon Knight premiere every week on the Disney+ streaming platform.


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