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20 Times Fans Made Fun of Star-Lord’s ‘Just look Into The Eyes’ Memes

After watching the new Thor Love And Thunder trailer fans are super excited for the movie now. We loved to see all our favourite characters back on the screen. We are totally sure that the movie is going to be a blast. Check out the memes where fans made fun of one of the scenes from the trailer:

1. Get Out of The Way!


2. Target Acquired!

3. So Relatable!


4. LOL!!

5. Not That!


6. OMG!

7. Just Avoid It!


8. Exactly!

9. Oops!


10. Loki Loving Loki Only!

‘Just look into the eyes’ memes

11. Collecting Red Flags!


12. Literally!

13. Oh God!


14. Every Night!

15. Oh Yeah!


16. Every Single Time!

17. Uh Oh!


18. Twitter Being The Best!

19. LOL!


20. Damnit!

Which of the ‘Just look into the eyes’ memes did you like the most? tell us in the comments below.

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