10 Daredevil Team-Ups That Can Happen In The MCU

There have been reports of a Daredevil project under development for the Disney+ streaming platform for a long time now. The character has long been expected by fans to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two characters from the Netflix Daredevil series were confirmed to be a part of the MCU with the past few entries in the franchise. Both of these characters are among the favourites of the fans when it comes to the series. Now that there are rumours about Daredevil getting his own solo project in the franchise, it won’t be surprising to see him team up with other MCU characters. Let’s take a look at all the Daredevil team-ups that can happen in the MCU.

Taskmaster & Daredevil

Taskmaster is possibly the worst villain with the least amount of usage in the MCU. The character had a lot of potential with the ability to imitate her opponents and fight back against them. There is a chance that the franchise will take another chance in the character going ahead. The perfect means for doing this would be seeing her going for a mission while working under someone as she somehow manages to team up with Daredevil. It might sound a bit far-fetched but her dark history might work with the narratives that Daredevil is generally a part of.


Captain America & Daredevil

Captain America is known for his grounded missions and the same can be said for Falcon, who has now taken the mantle of Captain America. This character can get together with Daredevil and explore some missions on the ground. Such a meeting could actually lead to Daredevil ending up being a member of the Avengers. There are a lot of characters set to be introduced and Falcon teaming up with Daredevil is definitely something worth expecting.


Echo & Daredevil

Echo and Daredevil have a lot of narratives in the comics and it would be interesting to see one of these narratives getting explored in the live-action. Daredevil was supposed to appear in Hawkeye but instead, Kingpin ended up appearing in the show. There is a chance that Kingpin will appear in the solo Echo series, and then Daredevil comes for a team-up with Echo to fight Kingpin and his goons.


Yelena Belova & Daredevil

Yelena Belova has just appeared in the MCU and she has already proven her importance in the franchise. She is probably amongst the best of the characters introduced in the MCU Phase 4. Considering that she is a strong successor to Natasha Romanoff, we can see her teaming up with Matt Murdock. Murdock and Natasha have a long history in the comics and it would be interesting to see how that can be experienced in the live-action.


Return of The Defenders

Now that the Defenders have become canon to the MCU, the next thing we can expect to be canon is the Defenders. The teams of heroes got their own shows in the Netflix Marvel Universe and it would be interesting to see this in the MCU too. There were plans to involve this team in the Infinity Saga but these plans were dropped because there were plenty of characters to deal with in the movie.


Moon Knight & Daredevil

Daredevil team-ups that can happen

Moon Knight and Daredevil have an interesting narrative in the Marvel comics. Both are almost similar in certain aspects except for the superpowers that Moon Knight is bestowed with. Even though no future plans for Moon Knight have been hinted at yet, it won’t be surprising to see him team up with Daredevil for the fans of the comics. The characters have a lot to explore and MCU will definitely give a chance for this exploration.


She-Hulk & Daredevil

There has been a major rumour that we will get to see Matt Murdock appear in the upcoming She-Hulk series. This is major because She-Hulk would be the very first MCU show featuring a lawyer and Murdock, as we all know is a “damn good lawyer“. The duo can end up solving some of the major cases involving the heroes of the MCU who have gone through legal troubles since the end of the Infinity Saga.


Hawkeye & Daredevil

Daredevil was supposed to appear in the Disney+ series Hawkeye and it won’t have been really surprising to see him next to Clint Barton. The duo would have had the chance to deal with some of the goons in the ground and it would have been quite fitting to both their arcs. Since Daredevil is now a part of the MCU, he would be the perfect candidate for the Avengers and Hawkeye would be the ideal person to give get him into the team.


Spider-Man & Daredevil

Peter Parker is getting a whole new start in the MCU and the character is somewhat aware of Matt Murdock. There must be a scenario where the two get together for a mission as that would be quite fitting to their narrative in the comics. This would be an interesting concept where Spider-Man and Daredevil deal with thugs on the ground and defeat them together.


Deadpool & Daredevil

As we have seen both of them working on R-Rated projects, it will be great for all the MCU fans if they ever get teamed up on the big screen. If it ever happens fans will go crazy as they both have different kinds of stories.

Which of the above-mentioned Daredevil team-ups that can happen in the MCU will you enjoy the most? drop your comments.


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