The 6 Relatively New Genres That MCU Will Explore With Future Projects

Disney has a lot of interesting choices for the MCU in terms of projects. There is a lot that is under development in the franchise with some other major characters set to make their debut soon. While there have been a lot of interesting projects that we have gotten to see over the years, the narratives have often followed the same path. But with some interesting choices for characters, we might get to see some of the most awesome genres being explored in terms of some of the upcoming shows on the Disney+ platform. Let’s take a look at all the new genres that MCU will explore in the upcoming Disney+ shows and movies.

Political Mystery

The MCU has had a hint of both mystery and politics in the past but things are going to take an interesting turn when both the genres will actually get combined soon. Secret Invasion is going to see Nick Fury trying to figure out that chaos when Skrulls slowly start taking over the planet. There has been a lot of hint regarding the development of this narrative in the past few projects. While we will get to see some past characters return, the character will end up in a whole new place with some of the story being explored in other parts of the world.



Horror is a genre that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had almost treaded towards ever since the arrival of Scarlet Witch. But this time around we might get a chance to witness this genre being explored quite properly. The upcoming entry to the franchise, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is going to treat this way with Sam Raimi bringing together the elements he is known for. That won’t be the end as we will also get to see the upcoming Disney+ series Werewolf by Night which will have its own offerings of horror.


Legal Comedy

New Genres That MCU Will Explore

A courtroom drama is something we never expected to get from the MCU and yet we will be getting to see one. The much-hyped about Disney+ series She-Hulk will see Jeniffer Walter coming to terms with her powers while being a strong lawyer. This isn’t going to be the only theme as the series is said to invoke some interesting comedy elements and we can be sure that fans won’t be bored at all. There is an interesting aspect to the titular character that is going to ensure that we are absolutely entertained.


Holiday Special

The holiday special was a concept from way back when certain franchises would provide fans with a special based around major events. It is interesting to see James Gunn bring back this tradition with his usual pattern of making these elements interesting and enjoyable for the fans to watch. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is surely going to be another attempt at making sure the Marvel projects bring certain elements of nostalgia.


Dark Comedy

WandaVision was the very first Disney+ series based in the MCU that we got to see last year. The series took some rather dark elements and there were even hints of comedy here and there throughout the series. But things are going to have a proper mix with Agatha returning to her solo project of the Disney+ series Agatha: House of Harkness. With production for the series set to start later this year, we can be sure it is going to be every bit as fun as we had expected.



New Genres That MCU Will Explore

This genre has existed a lot of the MCU projects over the years, mostly the Spider-Man movies. But we will get to explore it in a completely new light when we get to see the upcoming Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel. This show will take a wholly different way for a superhero origin story filled with the elements of Kamala Khan coming to terms with her powers. One of the most relatable MCU heroes, Spider-Man is going to get his own series with the animated project Spider-Man: Freshman Year. It is being assumed that we will dive into how Peter Parker became the superhero we are fans of.

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