Game of Thrones: Is It Game Over For Yara Greyjoy?  

If the last episode of Game of Thrones season 7 titled “Stormborn” demonstrated the entire strength of Daenerys Targaryen including Lady Olenna of House Tyrell, Ellaria Sands of House Dorne and Yara Greyjoy of House Greyjoy, the latest episode (The Queen’s Justice) showed how alone she is all over again.

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Yara Greyjoy was of the view that they should attack King’s Landing right now as they have a huge advantage at this point with standing armies, massive fleet and three giant dragons besides them, but Tyrion Lannister (Hand of the Queen) disagreed with them and advised Dany to play it strategically. He put it eloquently: “You are not here to be Queen of the ashes”.

Finally, Daenerys decided to go with Tyrion and divided the forces to fulfill separate objectives. On one hand, the unsullied would attack the Casterly rock and on the other Greyjoys and Dornish fleet would lay siege to the city and meet the Tyrells outside King’s Landing.

But everything went to shit as Euron Greyjoy threw a monkey ranch at their well-laid plans. He smashed the entire Greyjoy fleet and set it on fire, killed two sand-snakes and captured Yara Greyjoy, Ellaria Sands, and the remaining sand snake. He presented this as a gift to Cersei to prove his worth and loyalty in exchange for her hand in marriage.

Although Cersei didn’t say yes to his marriage proposal, she promised him he would be well rewarded and all his wished would be granted once the war is won.

In this episode of Game of Thrones, the Unsullied led by Greyworm captured Casterly rock as Tyrion knew the secret underground passage to impregnate the bitch (as he said).

The Unsullied successfully achieved their objective, but Euron destroyed their ships as well. All this has made things difficult for Daenerys and giving her all the more reason to ally with the North. For now, she has allowed Jon Snow to mine Dragon glass to forge weapons from it to fight the Night’s King and the army of the dead.

All of the Game of Thrones fans were in a state of shock as Theon Greyjoy chickened out yet again when his uncle had his sister by her neck. He chose to just jump into the sea doing nothing which baffled me as I thought maybe Theon is really the man he should have been, maybe he will protect his sister but he became reek again.

The preview of the next episode of Game of Thrones though showing him to make another attempt to save his sister.

Recently, Gemma Whelan had a chat with Newsweek and expressed her sinking feeling about how things turned out for Yara Greyjoy. She said:

“She feels betrayed, but I think she gets it. The one thing about Yara is that she loves her brother. She’s really upset at this point that they’re defeated, and she sees that he gets spooked and has no choice but to save himself. I think she feels utterly defeated in every way. This isn’t what they set out to do, and now the wheels have come off. She has a lot of fury and anger toward Euron. And she was about to get some below deck—so she’s pissed off about that as well.”

Some people thought he played it right as if he had stepped up, Euron would have slit her throat. And Yara agrees with their view. She said that she understands why Theon did what he did, and she still hopes to see his redemption. She added:

“I think people have made some really good points on social media. I follow what people say… It’s true: He has PTSD. He gets spooked. He can’t do anything to help her at that stage. I don’t know if he has the thought, ‘If I quit now, I can save her.’ I think he does have PTSD, and afterwards he will be pissed off at himself. He might do something about it…. You never know.”

But one thing for sure that Euron Greyjoy has redeemed his bullshit from the last season this season.

In books, he is the captain of the ship called “Silence” crewed by mutes whose tongues were ripped out by him. He has proved that he is indeed the deadliest pirates in the whole of Westeros and will be taken seriously by Daenerys from now on.

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