6 Game of Thrones Characters Whose Deaths Were Too Random

While Game of Thrones is famous for its relatable characters and a fantasy world setting, their tendency to kill off major characters randomly have been a viewers’ attraction point. They never shied away from violence and gore, and that is why the show is still relevant. Except for the final season, of course. But this doesn’t make a show epic. A show earns that status when it is unpredictable. And needless to say, Game of Thrones was quite unpredictable with the deaths of its characters, leaving their storylines incomplete. Here are 6 such Game of Thrones characters whose random deaths surprised the bejesus out of us.


The Stark of the Winterfell may be one of the most honorable families of Westeros but their honor is rarely repaid. The head of the family, Ned Stark, was the first of the Starks to die at the hands of cruel and dishonorable rulers. The second was, of course, Talisa Stark, followed by Robb and Catelyn Stark, at the infamous Red Wedding. We think we speak on all of your behalves, we didn’t see that coming. Talisa was pregnant and her son would have changed the course of history for Westeros. That didn’t happen but their deaths sure set the mood of the series.



Game of Thrones Characters

Zo Loraq was a wealthy slave-master from Mereen until Daenerys freed the slaves. He may have bowed in front of her but always planned to betray her and rise to power again. He even proposed to marry her as a part of his plan, but his plans were cut short by his death. Fans had a lot of expectations and theories of where the writers will take the character of Zo Loraq, but all in vain. It was sad to see no big impact of his death on the bigger story of the Game of Thrones.



He may not be a fan-favorite character but he was a highly-anticipated one. After having a look at Oberyn Martell, viewers always expected King Doran Martell to be a good and interesting character. On the contrary, he was a bland one. Not only that, fans disliked everything about Dorne, except for Oberyn, of course. Fans always expected him to be good in the future but those expectations didn’t matter when he died only a couple of episodes later.



One of the most unexpected deaths was the one of the little and young Tommen Baratheon. He was doomed the day he sat on Joffrey’s throne but no one would have expected that he would die by suicide. He was immature when he took on the responsibility of Westeros on his shoulders. And when he witnessed the death of his wife and so many major characters, that was his breaking point. The sad part was that the developers didn’t give him the death he deserved.


5. ROS

As someone who was never featured in the books, her death was almost definite. She started as a small-time sex worker until she traveled to King’s Landing. She became a recurring character when she started working in one of Littlefinger’s brothels. But it wasn’t until she became one of Varys’ little birds that she doomed herself. At the time, fans had no idea just how evil Littlefinger was but after Ros’ death, it was quite clear. No one would have expected Littlefinger asking cruel King Joffrey to give Ros the most painful death imaginable. Joffrey, maintaining his reputation as a ruthless murderer, hanged Ros to his bed and shot her multiple times with his crossbow.



Game of Thrones Characters

Osha was never destined to make it through the show. But that doesn’t mean that we saw her death coming. Osha made a lot of fans when she swore to accompany Bran on his mission beyond the Wall. This was quite the irony as Osha debuted in the show, trying to kill Bran. But her good deeds were not rewarded as she died most horribly at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. All this character development, but in vain.

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