Wonder Woman 2 Release Date and Other Details Revealed

Wonder Woman was a huge success for WB and the DCEU. It is what was needed to kick-start the Extended universe which Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad had failed to do. Considering how successful Wonder Woman was at the box office and how well it was acclaimed by the critics, that a wonder woman sequel to the movie was inevitable.

At this year’s Comic Con, it was confirmed that the script for Wonder Woman 2 is already being written by Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins and soon the production for the movie is going to begin.

Well the release date was not announced at Comic Con, but don’t worry, WB has just announced the release date for the Wonder Woman sequel. It is going to hit the theaters on December 13, 2019, and Patty Jenkins is still under negotiations for the director’s role.

Wonder Woman 2 will probably begin production in mid-late 2018. The sequel will portray a period like the first movie itself. It will be set up during the 1980s.

What is even more interesting is that the role that we loved in the first movie i.e. Steve Trevor is going to be back for the sequel.

The movie will be set up around the 1980s to further fill the gap between the first Wonder Woman movie and her first live-action movie appearance, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

The story that will take place during the timeline will follow Diana facing off against the Soviet Union in the waning days of the Cold War.

This will not be dissimilar to the approach that her standalone debut took with World War I. According to what things sound like, Wonder Woman 2 will be the Captain America: The Winter Soldier of the DCEU to Wonder Woman’s Captain America: The First Avenger.

The story about Steve Trevor is not yet known that how exactly is Chris Pine’s character going to make his comeback into the second movie. But, here are the possible ways to which he could return in the movie.

Because of Suicide Squad, we know that Magic exists in the DCEU and that could be used to bring back Trevor. It could be by the hands of a God like Hades, or an evil plan of a villain like Felix Faust, or even through Amazon Magic.

Felix Faust

Other than that a clone or a Doppelganger could be introduced but the technologies for doing that are too advanced and would not be suitable for the timeline that Wonder Woman 2 is being set up in.

So, instead of that, Time Travel could be done since there have been various editions of the comics and even the Justice League Animated Series where Wonder Woman has gone back in time to serve a particular cause and met Steve Trevor. This time it could be to bring Steve into the future.

Until now not much is known about who will be the main villain for the movie but according to the reports that had hit the internet in the past, WB has seemed to have piqued the interest of fans for the movie as when it comes to the villains, the studio’s execs are contemplating two familiar and fan-favourite names.

“The main villain hasn’t been decided but Cheetah and Circe have been discussed.”


Fans earlier hoped that Cheetah would be the main antagonist of WW for the origin story itself, but as the Director confirmed that it was always going to be Ares- The God of War as he is the biggest villain of Wonder Woman of all time and as we already know, the decision taken by the Studio and the Director was absolutely right.

Wonder Woman

Now that Ares has been done, it makes room for the second best villain of Wonder Woman, Cheetah to appear in the sequel accompanied by Circe. It will surely make sense and be fun to watch a female antagonist opposing the Daughter of Zeus.

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