5 Mistakes from the Past that The MCU Reboot of Daredevil Should Avoid

Recently there have been various reports of a reboot of the Daredevil series being under development for Disney+. These reports come after the major confirmation that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will be reprising their characters as Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock from the Netflix Daredevil series. Both the characters ended up appearing in two different projects last year. It is actually exciting to see that two of our favorite characters from the Netflix Marvel shows will be making their MCU debut. MCU is known for making their own spin on narratives they have picked up over the years. Let’s look at some of the mistakes from Netflix’s Daredevil that the MCU Reboot of Daredevil should avoid.

Less Face-off Between Wilson Fisk & Daredevil

The interesting part of this series was the development of the character of Wilson Fisk. There were interesting parallels drawn between both Daredevil and Kingpin and this allowed us to be excited when the two ended up facing each other. But this actually ended up happening quite less compared to the number of times that we wanted to see it unfold. The third season of the Netflix series ended up being one of the most awesome superhero seasons with one of the greatest finales fans had expected to see.


Leaving Plot Threads Dangling

There was an interesting concept of referencing a lot of material from the Daredevil arc in the comics. These arcs weren’t developed and that left fans disappointed regarding when they would be continued in the series. It felt as if they would be worked upon later even though there was no such indication given in the project in any other manner. The reboot could actually prevent such things by actually continuing with the plot points it references and building upon interesting Easter eggs.


Overly Dependent on Violence

Daredevil Season 4 Netflix Marvel
MCU Reboot of Daredevil

One of the most interesting things about the Netflix adaptation was the brutal tone of the narrative. This might not be a flaw in the series as this ended up playing a major role in attracting views for the show. The gritty tone was something that was a fresh take for the series and it was interesting to see fans enjoying it and it fitted the Netflix shows themes. Since Marvel hasn’t really made something quite violent there is a chance that the reboot might end up having a rather different tone compared to the Netflix rendition. Fans will definitely pick up these elements for comparison as it ensured that the fans looked at the Netflix series in a similar manner. Thus, the reboot should have something in their hand if they don’t go for the tone of the original series.


Leaving Hell’s Kitchen Narratives From Comics

There’s a lot of material in the comics from the arc of Hell’s Kitchen that could be explored in the series. Throughout the three seasons of the series what we got from this was just the tip of the iceberg and there’s a lot more that could have been brought in for the fans. Based on the grounded tone of the character bringing these narratives could actually help with the arc of the character. The Marvel reboot could focus on these stories to stick to the tone and at the same time provide our hero with a lot of interesting never before seen challenges.


Lesser Amount Of Matt Murdock Courtroom Moments

MCU Reboot of Daredevil

The Netflix series primarily focused on the character coming to terms with being Daredevil. This didn’t allow for much of the lawyer arc of Matt Murdock being explored. Now that we are going to see another lawyer in the MCU with She-Hulk, the reboot could focus on his lawyer part. After all, the character made his MCU debut as the lawyer for Peter Parker and helped him go through the chaos with the identity reveal.

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