Here’s The SHOCKING Connection Between Thor And Wonder Woman

In the world of Marvel and DC, there are certain characters that just seem to coincide or have similarities with each other. Whether it was an intentional rip-off from the competition or just the result of “great minds think alike,” there have been superheroes and villains who are the mirror image of each other. And that seemed to be the case between Marvel’s Thor and Dc’s Wonder Woman.

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman recently spoke out about why she chose to do the DCEU film. The director spoke at length about her decision to, telling the site that the two character similarities were a huge reason. Jenkins had previously been attached to direct Thor: The Dark World but ultimately dropped out.

 “I mean they’re very similar in a lot of ways. It’s a lot of the same questions and a lot of the same struggles that I was interested in Thor’s story or here, although in that case it was the second movie so it would never have been as pure and as simple of an arc so I really think it was meant to be that I ended up doing this one, which I had always wanted to do anyway. And I got to do it in a kind of bigger and purer arc rather than putting it in that other story.”

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As Jenkins says, both characters do have similarities as they have basis off Gods from Norse and Greek mythology. What kind of themes that Jenkins brought from a Thor film to Wonder Woman’s debut film is not yet specified.

thorBut since Diana’s debut film is filled with a lot of heart, maybe that was what Jenkins was trying to capture in the Dark World. But as The dark world had proved to be a darker and more complex manner to Wonder Woman’s debut, perhaps that was the reason why Jenkins left.

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