20 Fan Reactions On Morbius Post Credit Scenes Leak

The Sony Spider-Man Universe has been growing at an incredible pace. With properties like Venom and Morbius Sony has been hoping to realize the dream of their villain universe sooner than later. Venom garnered a lot of positive reviews and Let There Be Carnage was mostly a crowd-pleaser. Now, we have been waiting for the release of Morbius which is coming April 1. We recently got a post-credit scene leaked and we’re totally sure that Kevin Feige will be so upset about that. Check out some of the craziest fan reactions on Mobius post credit scene leak:

1.  Whoaa!

2. Ah Shit!


3. LOL!

4. Oh No!


5. What The Hell!

6. Worst Thing!


7. Literally!

8. Uh Oh!


9. Never Made Sense!

10. Seriously!

11. LMAO!

20 Craziest fan reactions on Mobius post credit scene leak


12. Absolutely Horrendous!

13. Messed Up!


14. Damn!

15. Haha!


16. Praying Harder!

17. Looking Good!

18. Exactly!


19. Hilarious!

20. As Expected!

Social media is still booming with all the fan reactions on Mobius post credit scene leak. Let us know in the comments which were your favorite.

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