The Illuminati is the Real Villain of Doctor Strange 2

The trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has revealed a lot of new details regarding the project. While there were numerous theories making rounds about what we will get to see in the movie, the trailer actually ended up confirming some of the theories. The biggest question surrounding the movie has to be regarding the prime antagonist of the narrative. In the past few months, a variety of names have been making rounds based on whatever details have been uncovered regarding the movie. But with the confirmation of some theories and some new appearances in the movie, a new theory might indicate the real villain of the movie. According to a new theory, the Illuminati might be the real villain of Doctor Strange 2.

Multiverse Of Madness

Based on the full-length trailer for Doctor Strange 2 we can be sure that the movie is going to be an absolute ride. There are a lot of things that end up appearing in the movie that was completely unexpected. It will feature multiple variants of the characters in the movie. While some of them have appeared before in some projects, others are going to make their first appearance with this movie. These were exciting things to see but the biggest reveal in the trailer has to be the voice of Patrick Stewart as a part of a group that summons Doctor Strange.


While it is not yet known what role he might be playing here but fans have linked the role to Charles Xavier from the X-Men movies. If he is reprising his role and he is part of a shadowy group that has captured Strange, then it could be confirming another major theory. Ever since Iron Man 2 teased the Illuminati, fans have been wondering when this group will appear in the MCU. There have been theories making rounds that we might see this group of heroes appearing in this movie and Charles Xavier’s appearance might just be the confirmation we require.


The Illuminati

In Marvel Comics, the Illuminati is a secret society that consists of some of the greatest minds in the superhero community. The main characters who have been part of this group include Namor, Black Panther, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Charles Xavier, and Reed Richards. This group is responsible for making decisions during some of the most essential points in Marvel history. It was formed right after the events of the Secret Invasion and ever since then gathered secretly and exchanged vital information. Their prime objective is to predict and manipulate the future in order to save the world and thus in a way save the whole universe.


The Villain of Doctor Strange 2

Based on the events that are going to unfold in Multiverse of Madness, we can expect to see a rather extraordinary rendition of the Illuminati. Based on a theory, the MCU Illuminati will not be working protecting a single universe and instead of watching over the entire multiverse. This is something quite similar to the Time Variance Authority but at the same time a lot more pivotal. The TVA was first introduced in the Disney+ series Loki and they were responsible for protecting the single Sacred Timeline. Following the death of He Who Remains, the Illuminati, consisting of Superior versions of each hero might have taken over the duties.


Based on the theory, it is being considered that only six seats exist in this league of superheroes. Each seat here is taken by different variants of heroes who have already appeared in the MCU. While one of them is taken by Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier, the other candidates include Iron Man, Strange, and others. Tom Cruise has been rumored to be a part of the movie and one of these seats could be his variant of Iron Man. Meanwhile, the other seats could be a variant of Hulk or Hank Pym. Based on an appearance in the trailer, Lashana Lynch might appear as a variant of Captain Marvel. She could be a member of the Illuminati too. Even though their appearance sounds exciting, the team of heroes might not have the best plans for MCU.


The True Motives Of MCU’s Illuminati

There has to be a reason why the Illuminati ends up capturing Doctor Strange. It could be quite simple based on the chaos that the Sorcerer Supreme had already unleashed in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Considering Loki will be appearing in the movie and the last time we saw him, the Sacred Timeline was shattered. Added to that is the fact that the events of Endgame also led to alternate realities being created. This clearly means that the Multiverse was majorly affected by everything that has happened in the MCU for a while. The Illuminati might be motivated at removing the MCU as it has caused enough harm already.


The villain of Doctor Strange 2

While it does sound sensible from their perspective, it clearly means that they will end up being the true villains of the movie. The Illuminati might decide upon doing a pre-emptive strike to prevent further chaos from the MCU. It will be exciting to see how Doctor Strange manages to go against this group of superior beings and prevent them from going through with their plans. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters on May 6.

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