The Final Choice of Grogu Has Already Been Spoiled By Star Wars

The Book Of Boba Fett is the new Star Wars project that is gaining much popularity with each new episode. While the series has its own narrative, it paved the way for an appearance from The Mandalorian. This ended up making for one of the most successful episodes of the series that gave some insight into what we can expect to see from Din Djarin in the future. There was much surprise about what we will get to see from the character in the future but now there seem to be some interesting options. While the Mandalorian will stick with Boba Fett’s plans, for the time being, Grogu seems to be in a dilemma. It seems that the final choice of Grogu in The Book of Boba Fett has already been spoiled in the Star Wars movies.

Choice of Grogu

Things took an interesting turn in The Book of Boba Fett following the appearance of Mandalorian in Episode 5. This would mark the first time we got a chance to see the character following the events of The Mandalorian Season 2. There was a lot of wonder regarding what we will get to see from the character considering his primary goal since the first season was completed. He had managed to put Grogu in the hands of a Jedi. But this time around we actually got to see him go on a quest to Grogu. He is stopped on the way by Ahsoka Tano, who takes the gift that Din Djarin had made for Grogu. This very gift would actually lead to a very interesting dilemma for Grogu.


In Episode 6, we saw that Luke Skywalker was training Grogu with the ways of the force. But around the episode, he ends up giving Grogu a choice. He produces Din Djarin’s gift and Yoda’s lightsaber in front of Grogu and says,

If you choose the armor, you’ll return to your friend, the Mandalorian. However, you will be giving in to attachment to those that you love and forsaking the way of the Jedi.

But if you choose the lightsaber, you will be the first student in my academy, and I will train you to be a great Jedi. It will take you many years to master the ways of the Force, and you may never see the Mandalorian again because, Grogu, a short time for you is a lifetime for someone else.


Luke’s Jedi Temple Spoils Grogu’s Choice

Luke Skywalker mentions his Jedi Academy and its beginning in the episode. But this isn’t something that we are hearing for the first time, considering this Jedi Academy was mentioned in the latest Star Wars Trilogy. According to the backstory we got from those movies, this academy had a terrible fate. This was revealed in The Last Jedi when Luke Skywalker mentions that he senses some serious trouble with Ben Solo who later ended up being Kylo Ren. Luke was shocked by the darkness that had already occupied his nephew’s mind and this led to Ben destroying the training temple and killing his students.


Even though fans were being kept at the edge with the choice that Grogu is supposed to make, this backstory might have already told us about Grogu’s choice. Luke Skywalker’s first pupil in his Jedi Academy was Ben Solo. This was revealed in the Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren comic book. Here Kylo Ren himself talked about being the first of Luke’s pupils and then others followed. This clearly tells us that Grogu might not go for the Jedi path and end up taking a different path entirely as a Mandalore.


The choice of Grogu

It won’t be surprising to see Grogu accept the Mandalorian’s path and not go with Luke Skywalker. Din Djarin and Grogu have actually had an unbreakable bond over the two seasons that we have gotten to see the duo feature together in The Mandalorian. If we focus on the words that Luke states, it appears as if even Luke wants Grogu to take the Mandalorian’s gift. But the Force Awakens trilogy has a divided reception from the fans and there is a chance that we might see this being retconned. It could mean that the Kylo Ren story would be changed and a new one will be approached. This has actually been done before with the Sarlacc Pit when earlier in the series Bobe Fett killed the Sarlacc.


Do you think Grogu will choose the Lightsaber? Well, think again!

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