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Luke is Wrong for Asking Grogu To Choose. He Can Be Both a Jedi & a Mandalorian!

The Book of Boba Fett has some serious events ready to unfold in the upcoming episodes. We will get to see him getting some serious characters joining along for the upcoming battle that they might have to face. But another narrative is also being developed on the side in the series that fans are a lot more excited about. The Mandalorian ended up appearing in the series and this was clearly indicated following the reference of gathering reinforcements for Boba Fett. But the character has put Grogu in a dilemma by putting him in the question of whether he should choose to be a Jedi or a Mandalorian. Well, Luke is wrong. Grogu doesn’t have to go for a single choice as he can be both based on the history of Mandalorians.

Grogu’s Dilemma

The finale The Mandalorian Season 2 saw the duo of Din Djarin and Grogu parting their ways. Luke Skywalker made a rather surprising appearance in the episode and this was because the Mandalorian had paved the way for the Jedi to come and meet Grogu. Skywalker took Grogu to teach him the ways of the force and the episode ended with a teaser to The Book of Boba Fett. There were many wonders about when we would get to see the two fan-favorite characters unite again. But it isn’t surprising that we actually got to see them re-unite quite sooner than we had expected.


Chapter 5 “Return Of The Mandalorian” of The Book of Boba Fett saw the Din Djarin making a return. He makes some clear reference to the fact that he wanted to see Grogu again. He reunites with his cult and there he asks for a special gift to be forged for Grogu from the beskar spear. We don’t see him re-unite with Grogu but he does manage to hand his present to Ahsoka in Chapter 6. But Ahsoka puts in an interesting query regarding Grogu becoming a Padawan now. Later in the episode, we see Luke putting the same query in front of Grogu by giving him the choice of either taking Yoda’s lightsaber or the Mandalorian’s gift. But it seems that Grogu doesn’t have to really stick for one of them.


Tarre Vizsla is Proof Why Luke is Wrong

Luke provides Grogu with the following choice:

If you choose the armor, you’ll return to your friend, the Mandalorian. However, you will be giving in to attachment to those that you love and forsaking the way of the Jedi.

But if you choose the lightsaber, you will be the first student in my academy, and I will train you to be a great Jedi. It will take you many years to master the ways of the Force, and you may never see the Mandalorian again because, Grogu, a short time for you is a lifetime for someone else.


This does not make sense considering the history of Mandalores and the Jedi saw something quite similar happen too. Earlier in Episode 5, we got to see a reference being made to the Mandalorian Tarre Vizsla. We even got to see a descendant of Vizsla making an appearance as Paz Vizsla. Tarre Vizsla is actually a character who was the first Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order.


Why Luke is wrong

This character was referenced in the animated series Star Wars Rebels episode “Trials of the Darksaber“. Fenn Raut talks about the character while giving some insight into the history of the Darksaber. He says:

We didn’t. This was one of a kind. Legend tells that it was created over a thousand years ago by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order. After his passing, the Jedi kept the saber in their temple. That was until members of House Vizsla snuck in and liberated it. They used the saber to unify the people and strike down those who would oppose them. One time, they ruled all of Mandalore wielding this blade.


Considering Grogu is missing the Mandalorian as indicated by Ahsoka, we might get to see him making a choice on the Mandalore’s side. But at the same time, we can end up seeing a rather interesting narrative where Grogu ends up being another character having a similar arc to Tarre Vizsla. It won’t be surprising to see Grogu being the ideal candidate for wielding the Darksaber.

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