No Way Home Artist Predicts The Story of Spider-Man 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe seeks to develop its universe by introducing multiverse characters. To this end, it had been declared by the theme of the ongoing projects that the current flavor for the MCU is the multiverse. What do we do about such a universe? Well, it is obvious that we must board the hype train just like Marvel artist Thomas Du Crest. The No Way Home artist predicts the story of Spider-Man 4 by sharing fan art on social media. Venom was only present in No Way Home as an after-credit Easter Egg. But this artist re-imagines the story in his own way, take a look:

A thing to mention here is that none of this material is to be considered official from marvel. Although Thomas Du Crest did work on No Way Home, he made these images in his free time and they do not represent the intention of the studio. That being said these images are certainly awesome and show the skill of the artist. I guess these come under the definition of fanart. But there is a certain flair in these images you don’t normally see in fanart. It is that flair that is forcing us to speculate as to what these images could imply.


Even if it is not an official statement from Marvel, we are sure that the presence of these images means that there has been some discussion about a symbiote Spider-Man version of Tom Holland. The last time we saw a live-action spidey dawn the symbiote suit was back in Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire. Although that movie did not do so well we did get to see a glimpse of how great such a plot could be.


Story of Spider-Man 4

Even in the old animated series, the arc where Spider-Man is overtaken by Venom remains one of the most compelling in the character’s history. So what exactly is going on in the MCU. Is the portion of a symbiote, nay a droplet, that was left in the MCU gonna take over Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Spider-Man 4, or will there be a different storyline altogether for this symbiote? We would certainly enjoy a proper symbiote Spider-Man saga in the MCU, although we have our doubts whether the writers can pull it off or not.


Sony studios have messed up the story once before and they are not very good at sequels *cough* Let There Be Carnage *cough*. But there is a chance that it can work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of all the supporting characters. Maybe we will get to see the return to a classic Venom symbiote storyline after the Fantastic Four are introduced into the MCU. You see, in the comics, it was Reed Richards who helped Peter in figuring out what the symbiote was and how to detach it. Peter had found the symbiote during secret wars and he did not know it was an alien.


Story of Spider-Man 4

Reed separated the symbiote from Spidey with the help of the other members of the fantastic four and they made sure that Peter did not lose himself to insanity. Although the fantastic four do not exist in the MCU as of now, they will likely be introduced in the next couple of years. If that happened then the story of the symbiote may as well involve them to pay tribute to the source material. But again, MCU has never been known to be respectful to the source material or the artists that created it.


The Possibilities

Whatever the case might be, we have seen things as they have become larger and larger in the MCU. So a symbiote Spider-Man is not completely out of the picture. The only question is how long before Marvel Studios decides to do their story. MCU and Sony have been taking it slow with their Spider-Man project. All decisions seem weighted and thought out. So it comes as no surprise to anyone that even though they have teased the symbiote, the actual revelation and story involvement of the character would be minimum over the next few years.


Story of Spider-Man 4

Do you like the art that Thomas Du Crest has created in his free time? Do you think his artwork will come true in Spider-Man 4? Let us know down in the comments below.

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