Hawkeye’s Behind The Scenes Episode Reveals That Kingpin Was Not Shot

Hawkeye is definitely amongst the best of the shows that we got to see in the Disney+ platform from Marvel Studios. It was a lot more different from the other shows and it approached a more grounded narrative. This allowed us to see the impact on the general people and how they recovered from the events of the Infinity Saga. This would also introduce some rather interesting characters who will be playing essential roles in the future of the franchise. But it also marked the debut of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, the same week that we saw Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. But the ending of the series left us rather confused about the status of Kingpin in the franchise. Based on a behind-the-scenes Marvel Studios Assembled documentary for Hawkeye, it is possible that Kingpin was not shot.


There were a lot of rumors about some major cameos and appearances in the MCU projects around the end of last year. But the biggest amongst these was the theory that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will be reprising their roles as Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. The duo appeared together in the Netflix adaptation of Daredevil that ended up being one of the best shows from Marvel. Both the actors delivered an excellent performance as the characters and fans wanted to see them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this was not possible considering Kevin Feige had announced that only the Disney+ shows will be considered canon to the MCU.


But in a surprising turn of events, fans got to see a mysterious character appear in the Hawkeye series. Fans were closely focusing on the suit and the other appearances of the character and assuming that it has to be Kingpin. It came true around the end of the series when it was revealed that the prime antagonist of the series was Wilson Fisk himself. The character ended up having a significant role to play in the arc of Maya Lopez/Echo. Later that week we would also get to see Charlie Cox make his MCU debut in No Way Home. Even though Fisk was just introduced in the series, the ending actually left fans confused about his fate.


Kingpin’s Fate In Hawkeye

Kingpin was not shot?

Around the end of the series, Maya finds out the true culprit behind her father’s death. From the very beginning, she was focused on killing Ronin but Clint appeared as Ronin and told her that he was ordered the kill by her own people. She makes the discovery that Fisk was involved in this and ordered the kill himself and she would decide to action on that. The final moments of the finale would see her facing off against Kingpin and her gun aimed at him. But the camera would then pan away and we will only get to see a flash of light and booming noise. Some fans considered that it must mean Kingpins was shot off-screen but the real events were never disclosed.


Hawkeye Behind The Scenes Show Different Fate

According to the behind-the-scenes documentary for Hawkeye on Disney+, titled Assembled: The Making of Hawkeye, Kingpin didn’t get shot in the first place. A minor change in the closed captions for this documentary suggested that something else might have happened instead. The original captions for Hawkeye said “gunshot” when the camera pans away from the scene. But the subtitles in the documentary read “explosion” during that particular scene. It makes for a peculiar change considering why would the creators make this sort of a minor change in the subtitles. One can say that the muzzle flash could be a sort of an explosion but it does make wonder about the reason for such a specific change.


If we make this change into consideration then it might mean that there was an outside interruption when Maya and Kingpin had their showdown. There’s a chance that something might have prevented her from going through with her plan thus paving the way for the villain’s escape. The final battle had a lot of players and one of them might have set up an explosive to prevent Maya from shooting Kingpin. Another possibility could be that one of the arrows that had an explosive got triggered somehow while being attached to Kingpin when he broke the Kate Bishop’s arrows. This might be a clear indication that we could expect to see a lot from Kingpin in the future of MCU.


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