5 Times When Actors Got Greedy And Lost Their Roles

Casting is one of the most essential parts when it comes to a project considering they are the deciding factor for the movie. There have been various cases where the casting was perfect the people behind the project had specifically written the role for an actor. But things can change if the actors don’t like a specific project and decide to have their own demands related to the project. If the studio really wants the star associated with the role they will make sure they don’t leave the possible way of doing that but things can often go otherwise. Let’s take a look at some of the times when actors got greedy and made their own demands and lost their role in a project.

Crispin Glover

The actor gave his best performance in the role of George McFly in the first Back to the Future. His performance ended up being a significant part of the movie as the first movie would lay the foundation for the sequels. But the actor did not appear in the sequels and fans might have noticed him appearing in a few recycled shots in the movie. Even these shots were recycled from his shots from the first film. He himself mentioned that he did not like the script for the sequel and at the same time he had demanded similar pay as the lead. Glover later revealed in an interview that he was being offered much less compared to the rest of the cast who had a similar-sized role.


Hillary Duff

Duff became popular for her appearance in the titular role in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. This ended up getting quite a massive fan-following considering the movie was based on a fictional teen pop star. But things would soon turn sour for the actor. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, her mother and manager Susan would reveal that there were actually plans for a sequel to the movie. But these plans were canceled because Hillary had demanded her promised bonus from Disney. According to Susan, the studio wanted Hillary to continue the series with $35,000 per episode.


Bruce Willis

When Actors Got Greedy

The Expendables is one of the most awesome movies that bring back the action heroes of the past decades together. This included all of the heavy names and the 2010 film also had a cameo from Bruce Willis too. The actor also ended up having a much larger role in the 2012 sequel. Fans actually enjoyed the character and hoped to see him appear in the 3rd film in the franchise but that didn’t end up happening. According to sources, the actor had demanded a huge paycheck that asked for $1 million per day for his four-day shoot. The actor was replaced with Harrison Ford which was equally enjoyable to watch.


Kirstie Alley

The actor made her debut in the Star Trek movies by appearing as a Vulcan trainee named Saavik in Star Trek II: Wrath of the Khan. This performance was actually something that the fans actually enjoyed and wanted to see more of. But the next time we would get to see the character it won’t be played by the same actor. Recently, Alley revealed in an interview that she was being offered much less than she asked for even though the sum she asked for wasn’t very high. The actor was actually being offered less than what she got for her first appearance.


Laurence Fishburne

When Actors Got Greedy

Bruce Willis’ John McLane generally goes for a solo act in his Die Hard movies. This pattern was seen in the first two films but things took a turn in the third film. McClane is partnered with another character who is an electrician named Zeus Carver. In an episode of the podcast – The Rewatchables, Quentin Tarantino revealed that the role was actually written with Laurence Fishburne in mind. But the actor ended up demanding a sum of $1 million for the role.

The role instead went to Samuel L. Jackson and the character is now remembered as one of the most memorable in the franchise. People mostly used to think of Uncle Sam as Laurence Fishburne. So it all worked nicely anyway.

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