8 Mutants Who Should Have Never Been X-Men

We love the X-Men as it represents a group of total misfits who are gifted with powers by birth. This group of gifted mutants comes together in order to save humanity from their own kind so that everyone could live in peace and harmony together. But some of these mutants should not have been the part of X-Men due to various un-ignorable reasons. Here is a list.



The Merc with a Mouth would never be fit as a team player. Wade Wilson has been associated with the X-Men in some way, shape or form ever since his debut in the comic series – New Mutants in the early ‘90s. His popularity reached new heights due to Ryan Reynolds’ blockbuster movie adaptaion. But winning a spot on the X-Men shouldn’t come via a popularity contest. Even in the movies, there is a tonal difference and the two should never crossover as we cannot see the entire team of X-Men breaking the fourth wall.

Old Man Logan

We all loved the latest installment in the Wolverine franchise. It was loosely based on the Old Man Logan storyline but we got the idea that an old and weary Logan is not fit for being an X-Men. Let’s face facts – With over a century worth of history under his claws, Logan’s always been old, but this one is on the verge of his death and is totally unstable. In the comics, he became too brutal, killing the Hulk and going through a very brutal and sad story, which is not the usual Wolverine we have the habit of seeing, so this version of Wolverine clearly was not supposed to be a part of the Team.



Mystique used to be one of the Marvel’s most unpredictable, cold-hearted assassins, the former leader of the terrorist organization known as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the comics and even for the greater part of the movies, we have seen her on the bad side. So, someone who has been a villain for most of their life-time should not be welcomed as an X-men. Even in the movies, just because Jennifer Lawrence is playing the character, Mystique should not get the centre stage as she has been a villain for most of her lifetime.


Magneto’s on-again, off-again bromance with his long-time rival and founder of the X-Men Charles Xavier has always been more interesting when it was definitively off. He has undoubtedly been the X-Men’s greatest villain. Magneto can’t live up to all that the evil he is used to doing if he is allowed to be the part of the team he is supposed to be plotting against. His crimes make mystique’s crimes look like nothing, so he definitely should not be allowed as an X-Men.


One of the most annoying trends in mainstream superhero comics in recent years is the tendency to make villains look more heroic. Well supposedly the idea of doing this is to get some sympathy for the villains in our hearts but no matter how many good deeds they do, they cannot become the good guys in any storyline. Making Sabretooth, who is a savage beast, a good mutant should never have been the idea to go forward with in the first place.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost’s membership in the X-Men has always been built on lies and deception. She often has her own agenda, and she rarely puts the team first. How she has managed to stick with the team for so long is a testament to the X-Men’s lack of direction over the past several years. Well, it is good that she has not at least been turned into an X-Men in the movies till now.


Sometimes called as the “first mutant,” Namor of Atlantis’ claim to homo superior status does not come by his hybrid Human-Atlantean heritage but from those funky little wings on his ankles. His mutant roots were downplayed for decades in the comics until it became convenient to make him an ally of the X-Men. Namor is a certified mass murderer, who places his race above all others every time. Making him a part of a team who is trying to do something noble for the humans without thinking of themselves was always unacceptable.



Gambit became a part of the team when he was able to beat a weakened Wolverine and he has been the part of the team ever since. But in the past, the gambit has been a part of the “Mutant Massacre” storyline where he was brutal towards other mutants. The X-men kicked his ass when they found out about this, but they later accepted him back in the team, which they should not have, as he was a mass murderer.

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