20 Biggest Mistakes That Every MCU Movie Has Made

In its 11 years, the MCU has put out 20 movies now and it is really commendable to have a 0 failure rate in 20 movies. All the movies that Marvel put out were critically acclaimed and have been extremely profitable. Not just that, but they all have grown as we are getting new and original content with every new movie that comes. Sure there are some similarities, but every movie is different and unique in its own ways. Still, nothing is absolutely perfect and the MCU has not been that either. It has been guilty of making mistakes as well. Even though a few movies have been amazing, the knit picking game still allows us to pick one to many mistakes in all the movies. Here are the single biggest mistakes that every MCU movie has made:

 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Fury’s Death

MCU Movie

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this particular movie as it was a Dark Knight level sequel and is termed by many as the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there was one little thing which felt pretty obvious while watching the film, which was the Nick Fury plot twist. As the marketing of the movie had already revealed some scenes which did not take place in the movie until his death happened, it became too obvious that Fury is faking his death and this supposed plot twist did not add anything into the movie. Rest the movie was a complete political thriller.

 2. Iron Man 2 – Disney’s Intervention

Jon Favreau came up with an amazing origin story which was surely one of the best, if not the best origin story for a Superhero, but the second one was really spoiled due to the intervention of Disney who had just bought Marvel Studios back then. Instead of being a pure Iron Man movie just like the previous one, the studio ended up making Favreau cram so much more into the movie in order to fully set up the larger Cinematic Universe. Apart from that, we got moments like Iron Man attending concerts, boring board meetings and we actually saw him pee in his Iron pants! There was clearly a lot wrong with this movie.

 3. The Incredible Hulk – Giving everything away in the trailer!

Even though this movie was a great attempt by Marvel Studios, it was failed by the marketing department. Since Ang Lee’s Hulk was still pretty fresh in the minds of people, someone in the marketing department decided to give out the entire movie in the trailers itself. Tony Stark’s entire cameo which should have been a surprise for the fans was given away in the promo trailers along with all the lethal parts of the movie that would have made a good impact in the theatres. There was nothing memorable left at all to take from the film!

 4. Captain America: The First Avenger – Low Intensity

The first Captain America movie was a pretty sweet entry in Phase 1. It was much better than what people give it credit for, but compared to the other two Captain America movies, it was less intense. The World War 2 plot was pretty intriguing, but compared to the thrillers and the big action sequences that the other two movies had, this movie fell short.

 5. Thor – Bad Action

The Thor franchise did not reach perfection until the third movie. The first one, in particular, had a lot of plot to build upon, and in doing so, it displayed very little action, which was also not as well choreographed as one would have liked. There was just nothing very happening in the movie due to bad action sequences, so it was a rather boring entry in the MCU.

 6. The Avengers – The Opening sequence

The Avengers is literally the perfect team up movie. It had everything, but the only thing that was not up to the mark was the opening action sequence of the film. Loki’s arrival, the car chase scene, the setup of the rest of the movie was just mediocre as compared to the rest of the film.

 7. Iron Man 3 – Too many needless subplots

Iron Man 3 enraged fans because of the completely unacceptable plot twist that The Mandarin was just a stage actor and it was Killian who was pulling all the strings. But the big mistake that the movie made was adding too many subplots which will never be touched in the future. There was the one with setting up the child for the future of the MCU, Tony’s ex-coming in and contributing almost nothing, and many more. The movie could have been so much better, but it was not.

 8. Doctor Strange – Making Stephen too unlikable!

Stephen Strange was portrayed as a spoiled arrogant brat who was rather forced into good behavior later on by the Ancient One. The movie did not really give a great message to children if you think about it. According to the plot in the start, it showed that one could actually become a Sorcerer if he acts too D*ckish with people, replies them arrogantly, and most importantly, does not follow the one major rule of traffic, which is to not use telephones while driving. Perhaps people could have connected better with Strange if he was not a complete prick at the beginning.

 9. Ant-Man – Similar plot and villain

This was the movie that enhanced the Villain problem of the MCU even further. The entire motivation of the villain was almost exactly similar to the one in Iron Man. And even the rest of the plot felt repetitive, but still, it was a good movie all in all. That’s what happens when you have to deal with multiple directorial changes.

 10. Guardians of the Galaxy – The final act

Guardians of the Galaxy was a very innovative movie from start to end. It felt completely different from anything we have ever seen with the music and the jokes that James Gunn added into the movie, but what was a little mediocre was the final act with the giant spaceships battling it out. The Dance Off was something new. Honestly, there isn’t a lot to nitpick in this movie!

 11. Thor: Ragnarok – Too Comedic

While many fans appreciated the new take at Thor in the third movie, still it sometimes felt that the movie is trying too hard on the area of comedy. We don’t really want a joke right after the death of Odin. But that’s what you get when 80% of the movie was actually improvised.

 12. Captain America: Civil War – Not spending time on the motivations

MCU’s Civil War was totally different from what happened in the comics. Because the movie had to justify the plot of War, it actually felt a little weaker in totality. The story arc of Baron Zemo, setting up Everett Ross for the future, and a lot more. Some of the motivations amongst the characters were not even explained properly as the Airport battle, all in all, was a giant sparring session and nothing more as no one was going for the kill. The only intense battle that happened was towards the very end of the movie.

 13. Iron Man – Stane’s final plan

Right from the beginning of the movie, Obadiah Stane was being built up as the big villain to go against Iron Man. Everything was going so well but the final act did not give the villain a lot to do. He managed to build a bigger armor than Tony, but all that he did was completely wasted by him as he lacked the ability to see the bigger picture. He could have done so much, but having a big grudge against Tony, he went straight for the kill which allowed Tony to sneak a victory.

 14. Ant-Man and the Wasp – Having no plot whatsoever

This sequel was nothing but a build up for the third Ant-man movie. The story was pretty self-centric and it was just based on getting Janet back from the Quantum Realm. This Superhero movie actually lacked a proper villain!

 15. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Not giving the story the time it needed

It is safe to say that as much as we loved the action sequences in the movie, it was still a giant mess in many areas of the plot. Ultron required proper explanation, but his motivations were very vaguely explained as Joss Whedon had to cram in a lot of other stuff. The movie could have easily had 10-15 minutes of extra screen time, but instead, it edited many scenes which might have turned important for the plot of the film.

 16. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Excess of everything!

James Gunn doubled everything that worked for the first film. The first movie had the Guardians screaming at each other and solving problems, the second movie portrayed the same thing, with a little extra. The soundtracks in the first one felt really pleasing, but they felt a little too much in this one. But the fact which was really amplified was the jokes in the movie and the Guardians finding their own jokes hilarious, which actually were not. We found half of the movie with the Guardians only laughing at normal jokes. Plus, they had a really good thing going with Drax in the first movie, and the second one only had him crack sexual jokes and nothing else!

 17. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Stakes weren’t high enough!

This was a movie targeted more at a younger audience which is why the stakes of the movie were not as high and most of the things happening in the movie fell pretty flat. There were some inspiring moments in the film, but it was surely not as intense as other MCU films.

 18. Black Panther – Making the supporting characters more strong

Black Panther involved such an amazing set of actors who gave really strong performances that at many moments, Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa was overshadowed by the likes of Okoye, Shuri and many others. Still, he did have many strong moments in the movie but most of the times, he was outshined by Killmonger.

 19. Avengers: Infinity War – Not giving screen time to many characters

Infinity War had so much to do that it would have surely fallen short on doing justice to most of its characters. While the movie stretched the story arc of Thanos, Iron Man and Thor, it could not afford to spend time on big names like Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk and many more. The likes of Hawkeye and Ant-Man did not even show up in the film!

 20. Thor: The Dark World – Having a totally shi**y script

This movie is considered as the worst movie of all as it did not feel great in any way except for its visuals. The script did not give anyone anything to do except for making the actors spell out a lot of science Mumbo Jumbo! Moreover, it did not offer the Villain Malekith anything great, which is why he is one of the worst MCU Villains ever.

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