10 Actors Who Almost Lost the Roles They Are Famous For

It is true that a role may change the careers and lives of actors and it can lead to many awards but the actors cannot always predict which role will land them eternal glory and therefore sometimes dumb decisions are made. These are some actors who almost lost great roles because of the dumbest reasons.

 10. The Olsen Twins: Full House

Remember the cute Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley? They started acting at a very young age and became a household name. Apparently, the John Stamos wasn’t initially a fan when they were cast on the Full house. Stamos hated the idea of babies crying and spoiling the whole take and he suggested to replace the twins with some other babies and when the new kids were also difficult to work with, the Olsen twins were brought back.

9. Shia Labeouf: Transformers Franchise

Since his Disney days Shia Labeouf has seen stardom even though he doesn’t always like it. After the first Transformers movie came out Labeouf bad mouthed the director Michael Bay and also said that he hated the film when he saw it. This led to tension and Labeouf almost lost the role in the other films of the franchise as he couldn’t get along with the director but it all worked out because he did star in the other films of the franchise too.

8. Taylor Lautner: New Moon

Another child star who went on to become famous for a franchise is Taylor Lautner who is still known as Jacob Black from the Twilight series. Lautner starred in the first film as the quirky teenager and in the sequel he had to gain a lot of muscle to become a werewolf. The director thought Lautner didn’t have the right body and could not look how they wanted him to but Lautner proved them wrong and defended his role.

7. Robert Pattinson: Twilight

So the main vampire from the Twilight series was about to lose his role because he was taking it all too seriously! Pattinson tried too hard to look dead and serious for the role of Edward Cullen and the director thought he was never smiling. When Pattinson found out that he might be replaced it tried to loosen up and follow the instructions.

6. Gemma Whelan: Game of Thrones

We all know Yara Greyjoy from GOT and the role is played by Gemma Whelan who has done justice to it. The makers of GOT are too particular and strict about their actors letting out any sort of information that could be a spoiler but sometimes they worry too much. Gemma was new to the role and she didn’t know how strict the rules were and she let out a piece of information that wasn’t even a spoiler and didn’t affect the plot too but the makers weren’t happy with her and considered replacing her.

5. Robert Downey Jr: Weird Science

RDJ wasn’t always Iron Man and there was a time when he was yet another young star with a famous dad. He was known to have a little attitude back then and on the set of the film ‘Weird Science’, he lost it when he saw that he didn’t get his own trailer when his co-star did. Downey decided to defecate in public on the set because he was mad for not getting a trailer, the makers were so disgusted by him that they were going to fire him but his co-star saved him.

4. Rachel McAdams: The Notebook

You must remember this film because of the amazing chemistry between Gosling and McAdams on screen. Their performance made the film memorable but did you know they hated each other while filming it? So Gosling was already a star back then and was handpicked for the role whereas Rachel auditioned and got her part. When they couldn’t get along, Gosling asked the director to replace her with some other girl.

3. Judd Nelson: The Breakfast Club

This was the movie that defined many generations of teenagers and went on to become hugely successful. Judd Nelson played the bad boy Bender in the film who bullied other kids and had his own vibe. Nelson starred with Molly Ringwald who was basically Hollywood royalty back then. Nelson identified too much with his character as he liked to bully people in real life too and went on to bully Ringwald and was being a jerk to her. The director was about to fire Nelson when Molly Ringwald stepped in and defended him saying he was just preparing for his role and the rest is history!

2. Al Pacino: The Godfather

So Al Pacino who played the iconic role in the Godfather series was almost fired by the director. It wasn’t based on any of his mischievous acts or anything, in fact, the director thought halfway through the series that Pacino wasn’t best for the role and Pacino agreed to it! He actually said he didn’t understand why he was cast in this role. Still, the makers let him continue working and he did a great job obviously.

 1. Johnny Depp: Pirates of the Carribean


So Johnny Depp who has played the role of the pirate Jack Sparrow for a long time now was about to lose his job because in the first movie the Disney people didn’t understand his portrayal of the pirate. They thought that Depp made the pirate look too drunk on every occasion which confused them. Depp, on the other hand, couldn’t understand what he was doing wrong and kept doing his thing. He has since starred in the whole franchise as the notorious pirate.

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