20 Fan Reactions to Black Adam Characters From DC Movie Teaser

While Marvel will be continuing to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC has some exciting new projects set to come out. 2022 will see some of the most exciting projects from the DC comics that will also introduce some new characters. This is definitely going to be a rather memorable year for Warner Bros. with the hype surrounding each one of these projects. The lineup includes a whole new interpretation of the caped crusader The Batman, Black Adam, Aquaman 2, and a solo venture from the DCEU speedster, The Flash. Now that we got seen the glimpse from the Black Adam movie, fans are demanding the full trailer now as it looks so damn great. Check out these fan reactions to Black Adam characters from the DC movie teaser:

1. Give Us The Full Trailer!!


2. Movie Of The Year!!

3. Seriously!!


4. When?

5. Can’t-Wait!


6. Exactly!

7. We need It!!


8. So Good!

9. Pretty Sick!!


10. Haha!!

11. Do Something!!


12. Electrifying!

13. Yes Please!!


14. So Amazing!!

15. So Good!!


16. Very Much Interested!

17. Seriously!!


18. So beautiful!!

19. That’s Right!!


20. Crazy!!

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