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10 Perfect Supervillain Castings As Great As Heath Ledger’s Joker

A villain is one of the most essential parts of the narrative of a superhero movie. Over the years, with the variety of superhero movies, we have actually gotten to see some rather exciting supervillains. Some have affected the way the villains worked in the narrative and at the same time changed the way we considered the character of these villains. It is very important to see who gets cast in these roles as their performance adds a whole new role to these characters. One of the best casting in these cases was Heath Ledger. The actor received a posthumous Oscar for taking on this role and it became the landmark for such characters. Let’s take a look at some other perfect supervillain castings.

Willem Dafoe – Green Goblin

Willem Dafoe has definitely given us one of the best villains in the Marvel movies with his depiction of Norman Osborn. The actor manages to bring every element of the character to life adding with the sinister tone that Sam Raimi brought to him. His facial expressions and the tone that he brings to Green Goblin are surely something that will stay with the fans of the character for a long time. It was one of the most awesome moments for fans when he actually reprised his role in Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Tom Hiddleston – Loki

Loki was the very first enemy that the Avengers had to face and he was the only character to have stuck around this long. Over the years we can’t actually define him as a supervillain as even though he is driven by his motive, the character had gone through some serious transformation. Tom Hiddleston was born to play this role as the actor brings the right stuff to it and gives us some of the most memorable moments in the MCU.


Vincent D’Onofrio – Wilson Fisk/Kingpin

perfect supervillain castings

It is absolutely exciting to see that Vincent D’Onofrio, who made his debut with the character of Kingpin will be continuing with the role in the MCU. The actor brings the right amount of ruthlessness to it and at the same time makes for one of the most essential villains we can expect in a grounded narrative from Marvel. It will be a lot more exciting to see him being pitted against some of the other characters in the MCU.


Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie is the ideal performance that a character like Harley Quinn requires. Over the years we have seen the character evolve in her three appearances and Margot Robbie has made sure that these changes are seamless. She absolutely nails these changes by bringing the right elements together for her character. Harley Quinn might not be one of the most important DC characters but Robbie’s performance surely makes us want to see more of her.


Gene Hackman – Lex Luthor

The first Superman movie required some of the best actors to be brought together and added with that is the best story about the titular hero. Gene Hackman was the ideal choice for the character of Lex Luthor who is the biggest enemy that the Man of Steel might have ever faced. Even though the sequels didn’t do proper justice to the character they only made the first film one of the best movies about the character.


Anthony Starr – Homelander

perfect supervillain castings

The Boys brings the perfect version of an evil Justice League to the screen and Anthony Starr is the best actor to take on the role of Homelander. Homelander brings the elements of Superman and makes him the most terrible superhero that could actually work. The layers of an idol covering the true craziness underneath it make for one of the most exciting narratives in the series.


Jake Gyllenhaal – Mysterio

Spider-Man: Far From Home Runtime

The actor appears in a single movie as the prime antagonist to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and makes it into a memorable character. Fans were excited to see her take on the role as he is a brilliant actor himself and makes a remarkable MCU debut. Even though he was killed off around the end of the movie, fans were wondering if he would appear in the sequel. There were even plans of him returning but things went otherwise for the good.


Josh Brolin – Thanos

Josh Brolin was cast in the role of Thanos quite later in the MCU while other actors took on the role for motion capture. The actor came along and gave us one of the most memorable performances as the prime antagonist of the Avengers. There is a certain depth to the character that only Brolin could have nailed properly and he managed to do that.


Ian McKellen – Magneto

X-Men was one of the best series of superhero movies that we got from Marvel featuring the mutants. Over the years, we got to see Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender bring the character of Magneto to life in these movies. Even though both of them are liked, McKellen’s take on the character edges out Fassbender’s take on the role. If one is asked to visualize Magneto we can clearly see McKellen as Erik Lensherr.


Alfred Molina – Doctor Octopus

Alfred Molina took on the role in the Sam Raimi sequel Spider-Man 2. Since Doctor Octopus is one of the most used characters in the Spider-Man comics, there was a certain amount of excitement about it. The actor nails the character perfectly bringing the transition of the role with arms taking over him.

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