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Wonder Woman Returning in The Flash Before Shazam 2 and WW3?

The DCEU has been fighting within itself regarding the continuity of its universe. We are not gonna lie fandom, things are looking very convoluted and bleak for these superheroes. Especially because it seems that DCEU has to resolve their in-universe issues. You see, the DCEU has come up with the clever idea of using The Flash to its advantage. With the first look trailer, it can be determined that this is going to be a multiverse movie with many versions of the superhero along with Michael Keaton Batman. But now, from pictures, social media fans are saying that Wonder Woman is returning in The Flash. 

Take a look at the evidence before deciding for yourself. You see Gal Gadot shared several snippets from her year to wrap up 2021 on Instagram. In this collection was a picture marked August that sees her sitting in the make up chair. It is not readily apparent but you can see that Gadot is wearing the Wonder Woman tiara. This means that she was shooting as Diana Prince and her appearance for another DCEU movie is confirmed. Whether this will be Shazam! Fury of the Gods or The Flash is still unclear.


But some people have raised several doubts about this theory. To substantiate her appearance we dug a little deeper and found what a fan had already pointed out. Twitter user @WildeePatrol presented damning evidence when he compared the Gal Gadot photo with the photo of a crew member from The Flash. The user points out that the lanyard used for the ID cards in both photos was exactly the same. This means that Gal Gadot will be returning as Wonder Woman in The Flash.


Wonder Woman Returning in The Flash

But why is she there? What is the role of Diana Prince in the multiverse of The Flash? Why is the queen of the Amazons going on this multiverse journey? Well, we have several theories. Starting from the very first theory, we think that our Diana Prince was sucked in from our universe. We think that The Flash is a movie about multiverse mashups. Ergo different universes are clashing with each other in the movie and this is resulting in these characters coming into contact with each other.


This would explain the three speedsters, Michael Keaton Batman, and Gal Gadot all together in one place. But our second theory is much more interesting than this one. The second theory is that this is not our Wonder Woman. This may be the Diana Prince of the alternate universe. Not only that, we propose it is the Wonder Woman of the Flashpoint paradox reality. Ergo with the confirmation of Wonder Woman in The Flash, there is a real possibility that The Flashpoint reality might be coming to the big screen.


This would imply that we might get much more murder and mayhem than we had bargained for. To put things simply, The Flash will hit the big reset button on the DCEU by having a warring Wonder Woman and Aquaman destroying the world and each other along with it. Michael Keaton will try his best to prevent it but ultimately fail at it. It will fall upon Flash to use his time traveling skills to hit the reset button, at which point he will go the past and live what Bruce saw from the other side. From the side of the time traveler.


The Future is the past

But what will happen when the past is changed. More like, what will happen when The Flash changes every major event across the DCEU. Well, we actually already have the answer. A lot of fans have been speculating that this movie will lead to the rebirth event like in the DC comics. We just want to point out that for rebirth to happen there has to be an apocalyptic event that precedes it. So if WB is willing to put all of their eggs in one basket they may have a shot at creating something meaningful.


Plus a war between heroes might be a welcome change of pace in the DCEU. It could definitely be very interesting to see what comes off of it. If The Batman is any indication we hope it will be good. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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