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The Flash Will Reboot the DCEU Theory Confirmed By Michael Keaton Appearing In Batgirl

There is a lot of confusion regarding the state of the DC Extended Universe considering there has been no confirmation about what project will be considered canon. In the upcoming years, we will get to see a lot of ventures with some of the characters who were a part of the DCEU but at the same time, newer projects will also be added along. Fans were excited upon hearing the news that we will get to see a Flash solo venture that would see a rather interesting twist of events. The added information that Michael Keaton would be returning in the role of Batman was even more exciting. With the role of Batman in the DCEU without confirmation, there are various theories regarding the state of the character. With the addition of Michael Keaton in the upcoming Batgirl movie, it is more or less confirmed that The Flash will reboot the DCEU.

Michael Keaton’s Batman

It is absolutely unbelievable that we would be getting to see Michael Keaton taking on the role of Batman again. It has been nearly 30 years since the character was seen in the movies that were responsible for the massive change in the tone of Batman for the movies. Tim Burton had a completely unique vision for the movies and that made them a major success amongst fans. Those movies are also a major inspiration for Nolan in making his own Batman Trilogy. The teaser for The Flash confirmed that we will see that Michael Keaton reprise the same role again.


There were various nods to the Tim Burton version of Batman in the teaser as we even got to see the uniquely stylized Batmobile. But another interesting thing about the movie was the fact that Ben Affleck would also be appearing in the movie as his Batman. Affleck had earlier confirmed that he would be retiring from the role and this led to many fans theorizing about the state of Batman in DCEU. There is another Batman project coming out with Robert Pattinson taking on the role but it is fairly certain that it won’t be a part of the DCEU. 


Batman Theory On The Flash

The Flash will reboot the DCEU

With the state of Batman in absolute confusion, it is being theorized that The Flash will actually provide an explanation regarding Batman. The teaser for the movie saw Batfleck’s mask on the floor with blood splattered around it. The theory then took the turn that Batfleck might get killed in the movie and thus Michael Keaton’s Batman will take his place in the DCEU. This might actually work as an interesting narrative, but details regarding The Flash have been kept under much secrecy and hence we cannot be very sure about this theory. 


But the recent news that Michael Keaton will be a part of the upcoming Batgirl further supports this theory. This might actually be a part of the plans to reboot the DCEU considering we are only getting to see some solo ventures so far. Batgirl should have brought in Batfleck but not doing so confirms that Michael Keaton’s Batman might have a bigger role to play in the future of DCEU.


What Does This Mean?

The DCEU might actually be intended at rebooting with a fresh set of characters taking on the roles. There was the recent announcement that Supergirl would see the return of General Zod and Faora. This would definitely make Supergirl canon to the DCEU and thus we might also see her taking the place of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Though the latter’s star has said he is looking forward to taking on the role but there’s been no indication of another project featuring him.

The Flash will reboot the DCEU

Batgirl might work under the guidance of Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne. This would lead to a fresh set of characters for a possible Justice League lineup would include Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Supergirl, Batgirl, Keaton’s Batman (being kinda like Nick Fury), and even Shazam, who is yet to feature next to the other characters. Considering the only other existing characters of DCEU scheduled with their own solo ventures are Aquaman and Wonder Woman, they might be the ones who get the other newcomers onboard.

The Flash will be released in theaters worldwide on November 4, 2022.

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