Sprite Actor Reveals The Alternate Ending of Eternals With Eros (Harry Styles)

Eternals was definitely one of the most different MCU fans had the chance to experience. The movie had some big responsibilities in terms of a narrative and it failed to live up to that. Its narrative saw some of the most major events take place with a wide variety of characters making their MCU debut. Putting those characters and setting them up in the present day while talking about them in the real world is actually a rather difficult decision to take in the movie. But the movie manages to go through with that while at the same time dealing with teases to the future of the MCU. One of the most exciting moments from the movie has to be the addition of Harry Styles in the role of Eros in the post-credits scenes. It seems that Harry Styles’ Eros had an alternate scene that didn’t work out in Eternals. Sprite actor, Lia McHugh has revealed the following alternate ending of Eternals with Eros. Keep reading and find out what it was.

Eros Cameo

While Eternals itself took us through a very wild narrative that saw some massive events unfold, the post-credits scene definitely has to be one of the wildest moments from the movie. The mid-credits scene saw Thena, Makkari, and Druig heading off to find the other Eternals across the universe on the Domo. They were talking about not having had any contact with the rest of the Eternals when suddenly they see a portal open. Pip the Troll comes out of this portal and following him we see Eros emerge. He is introduced as an Eternal and he also seems to be carrying the orb the Ajak had to contact with Arishem.


Alternate Ending of Eternals With Eros

Fans were left wondering a lot of things about the character considering one of his major references was the brother of Thanos. Thanos has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe till his death at the end of the Infinity Saga. His brother being an Eternals meant that he was an Eternal too. There have been a lot of attempts at clearing out the confusion regarding this cameo but we can only wonder till a future project starring him comes out. This Eternal will be playing a significant role in the narrative as he might help them to get back the other from under Arishem’s capture. But it seems that Eros was supposed to have a completely different appearance in the movie that didn’t make the cut.


Alternate Ending of Eternals With Eros

Eternals has now been released digitally on the Disney+ platform and fans got a chance to see Harry Styles appear as Eros properly. But one thing has been a major bother, and that’s regarding the deleted scene involving the character. There has been no indication of what this deleted scene could have been and how it would have played out in the movie. One of the behind-the-scenes moments actually sees Harry Styles next to Sprite actor Lia McHugh. This makes it obvious that McHugh was a part of the deleted scene that features Harry Styles.


In an interview with Inverse, McHugh was able to give some clarification regarding this deleted scene. According to her:

I actually didn’t have a scene with him. [His scene] was a scene that was cut. It was parallel to the very first scene of us arriving on Earth. It was an alternate ending that didn’t end up working out. We shot it on the same day [as our scene], because it was virtually the same. It was the same shot. They were just switching out characters.

So I was shooting the first scene, he was shooting the last which ended up being cut. But we were on the soundstage, all of us together. Every time we were on break, we would talk. He was really cool. Some actors hide in their tents and want to be left alone, which is fine. You’re working, I get it. But he was like, “What’s up everyone? Let’s come in my tent.” He didn’t want to be left alone.


Alternate Ending of Eternals With Eros

Based on the behind-the-scenes photo, we could see Harry Styles, Richard Madden, and McHugh in the Eternals’ pre-Earth clothes. The context for the scene is still fuzzy with the details but we can be sure that it would have established a much bigger link between Eros and the Eternals. There is no clarity regarding the background of the arc for the character. Fans will only find more about him when he makes an appearance in a future project.


Eternals is available on the Disney+ streaming platform.

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