Spider-Man Appeared in X-Men??? Watch This Funny X-Men Blooper!

The X-Men franchise over at fox has been wildly regarded as the reason why the superhero genre gathered such steam in the movie industry. Before that movie, there was only 1998’s Bladewhich was a success, in its own right, but was a supernatural thriller and not a comic book movie. The success of X-Men was so great, in fact, that it inspired a number of sequels, in a franchise that would last for over 20 years, 7 years longer than the current MCU. But did you know that even Spider-Man appeared in X-Men? Take a look at this funny X-Men blooper:

This video is proof that Fox and Sony had an amicable relationship when they started their journey of making superhero movies. Even Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was slated to make an appearance in 2002’s Spider-Man but the cameo never happened because Wolverine’s costume was unavailable. The actor even flew to the venue of the shoot but to no avail. This cameo was supposed to be a gag and not an official crossover. Similarly, the above clip was also a prank by the crew and stuntman Scott Leva.


Scott was once cast to play Spider-Man in the 1980s Cannon films which ultimately never happened, so it is nice to see him don the costume and storm the sets of X-Men. In this particular blooper, he runs behind the actors only to realize that he is in the wrong movie and promptly runs away. Although it may not be canon, we still enjoyed seeing the wall-crawler and the X-Men in the same live-action frame. With the Disney-Fox merger underway, we may soon get to see the Mutants in the MCU.


Spider-Man Appeared in X-Men

But, for now, this blooper reel is our best source of a crossover between these two franchises. What we really want to see is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine donning his suit and interacting with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man while the world goes to shit around them. These characters always work best in a high-intensity environment and MCU has no shortage of those.


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