The Vessel

Castiel was sorely missed in the last episode. Good to know that he is back with a bang! But unfortunately, so does Lucifer! It was outright irritating when Lucifer passed for Cass without a glitch.


What is supernatural without Dean whining about food. Be it caffeine or beer or pie, Dean wants it all. Dean just keeps smelling the rotten milk as Sam drones on about the Nazi and the ‘Hand of God’

“So these Nazis got their hands on the hand”

Nice pun there Dean. On a serious note, it was surprisingly sad to see Crowley being ill-treated by Lucifer. On one hand while we are glad that Sam and Dean finally came to know about ‘Lucifer-Castiel’ relationship, it also breaks them that Castiel voluntarily took him in. That too without the brothers knowing. Dean’s face showed utter defeat and pain when he realised what was happening.

Atleast Castiel was strong enough to stop Lucifer from killing Sam.Phew! But this mission to the past was a failure. Mostly Dean hates being helpless. He was a bystander when all those people died for no fault of theirs and he could not do a single thing to save them. He is just programmed to help people. How much can the boys handle by themselves? Already they have to stop Amara. Now even Castiel needs to be saved. Thats too much on their plate.

But Misha’s(Castiel) acting skills are just mindblowing. Changing from the poker faced Cass to a very expressive and cocky Lucifer, altering his voice and body language..its not easy. Bravo Misha!!

“You are like the girl that kept turning me down at the prom”- Wah! A prom reference in such a serious situation. Only you can do it Lucifer!

A loophole here is why don’t they come across other usual problems like demons doing their usual stuff or angels going rogue? Its kinda boring when these challenges don’t come up and they just focus on a single thing like Amara or just Lucifer. Hope the next episode is not as monotonous


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