10 Characters Who Will Form The X-Force In Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is bringing in a tonne of characters from the Marvel Universe, and most of them will band together to form the first iteration of what we will call the X-Force. Here are the members of the Deadpool 2 cast who will be the part of this team that may go on to create their own franchise.

The Big Guns: 


Well, it is no surprise that will lead the team of X-Force from the front. At first it may be to fight Cable, but later on, the team will fulfill an entirely different agenda with the merc with a mouth at the centre of everything.


Zazie Beats’ Domino will be a new entry to Fox’s X-Verse. We have seen her kick a lot of ass in the trailers of the movie, and it seems that she will be a pretty important part of the movie.

Cable (maybe)

Josh Brolin’s Cable is going to be against Deadpool in the beginning of the movie, just like he was in the comics. But later he will probably team up with Deadpool and the rest of the team to take down an unknown threat as of now.

Colossus (maybe)

We will see the return of Colossus in Deadpool 2, and by the looks of it, he will be taking on the Juggernaut in the movie. Wade will get him to be a part of his team maybe towards the end of the movie, but he will not be a permanent member of the X-Force.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead 

Along with Colossus, she also had a big opening in the first movie so it was a no-brainer that Deadpool 2 will give her a significant part as well. In the trailers, we saw DP recruiting her for the X-Force, so maybe like Colossus, she will be a temporary part of the X-Force as well.

The New Entries –


The Cable trailer for DP 2 made it clear that Terry Crews is going to be playing a mutant in the movie, and in the latest trailer we got another scene of him in action. He is one of the first mutants that will join the first version of the X-Force, but people have had difficulties in speculating the character he is playing. Now it has been confirmed that Crews will be playing Bedlam, who has the ability to project a bio-generated electromagnetic pulse field, which can disrupt all kinds of electrical systems, and may even affect the human brain.


He also appeared in the ‘Meet Cable’ trailer and the latest one along with Bedlam, and by the look of his helmet and the sword, it was confirmed that this is a version of Shatterstar, who will be a member of the X-Force, and in the comics he is a bio-engineered warrior of the Mojoverse, bred for a life of combat, with the power to channel bio-electric shockwaves through his dual sword blades.


The fifth mutant we saw in the plane sequence of X-Force formation was not recognized until the latest trailer came out. The latest trailer gave us a full look at him and allowed us to deduce that this is a live-action version of the acid-breathed mutant known as “Zeitgeist”, who will be played by Bill Skarsgard, the clown from “It”.


The mutant with the purple hair was a mystery to everyone as she made quite an impression in the trailers and Deadpool introduced her as a young mutant who could carry on the franchise for the next 10-12 years. Many people have pointed her to be the mutant Surge who appeared in the New X-Men comic book series and it seems that she will, in fact, be a member of the X-Force as well. Surge is a mutant that has the ability to constantly absorb electricity and channel it into some object or even her hands. So this description fits very well with the mutant we saw in the trailer.

Pete Wisdom

Deadpool 2 Cast

The final trailer revealed the final member of the X-Force as in the previous trailer we saw a mysterious photo of a mutant when Deadpool was recruiting mutants for the group he was forming to go up against Cable in order to save the kid and the name on that photo stated that he is a mutant named Peter. Now it has been confirmed that this will be a version of Pete Wisdom played by Rob Delaney.

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